Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day and the Great Depression II

Don't Shop on Labor Day

Office Closed for Labor Day
If you've been under a rock this past 50 years, the economy has been hijacked by businesses.  Now I know a few of you are saying, the economy IS businesses.  That is not true.  The economy is supposed to be private transactions between honest folks - consumption; the supplying of goods - distribution; and the manufacturing of goods, labor and services - production.  Everyone seems to think that consumption is the ONLY part of the 3 part equation to look at.

The Consumer

Since the 50's the news, media and infotainment outlets have slowly, but surely changed economic reports from talking about the economy - consumption, production, distribution - to just about consumption.  In fact Americans have been slowly renamed, "the consumer".  In fact we have been so renamed that we have been pressured to act accordingly.  You are the consumer.  You are 100% of this economy.  You have not been doing your job.

George Bush makes a stupid speech after we blew up the World Trade Center, not to buckle down, save and get our economy healthy again, but to "go out and shop."   That has to be the most ridiculous assertion in the history of ridiculous assertions.  Of course he was not speaking from a benevolent leader's standpoint, he was speaking from the standpoint of one who is completely controlled by business.

By changing the vernacular of how the economy is viewed, businesses can create shopper drones in all of us.  Instead of worrying if our economy is actually growing, i.e. production plus distribution and consumption, we are concerned only with consumption.  If consumption is down, businesses put out the message that WE are not doing our duty as "the consumer".  In fact, we now add government jobs as a part of the economy.

Why Government Jobs Shouldn't Be Added in the Economic Equation

Labor Day Sucks on Unemployment
So far I've said that the economy is production, distribution and consumption.  I've hinted that government jobs should not be factored into that equation.  Some of you probably are already saying that government jobs and actions are so huge that it would be crazy not to include it in the economy.

The very idea that the government is so large and allegedly takes up a majority of the economy is preposterous to begin with.  The government shouldn't be so large as to even factor into the economy.  There are 308 million regular Americans.  There should be no way that the government dwarfs regular jobs to such a degree that we cannot avoid factoring in government jobs, to reach an adequate accounting of the economy.

Why am I so adamant about not factoring in the government into the economy?  Simply put, the government produces nothing of its own.  A normal American can buy land, plant crops, have someone deliver them to the stores and people eat the food.  The government cannot do any of that.  They have absolutely no money of their own.  We are made to think that they do, but that is not the case.  If we come to believe the government produces its own goods and services and does not rely on taxes, then businesses, who are in bed with government, can win this war of mind control of "the consumer".  They can make us all feel like this government, which is bursting at the seems, is necessary and should be observed, but only through the lens that they supply us with.

Labor Day Consumer and The Second Depression

Many are refusing to say the "D" word, depression.  Oh, infotainment news outlets will readily say "we are in a recession," but they will never say we are in a depression.  Why the charade?  They think that if they say the word depression, old timers will come out in droves and tell everyone to stop being bone heads and stop spending their money.  They think that if Americans were told the truth they would cease to be consumers and start being adults.  They are afraid that everyone would wake up to the reality that we are screwed 6 ways till Sunday, and Sunday is no guarantee of relief.

Businesses are hedging their bets and pulling out the stops to make sure all the commercials and infotainment news gets out the word to consume, consume, consume.  Labor Day is supposed to ring in the "shopping season".  Yes, not only are we consumers, but now we have a shopping season.

Happy Labor Day, Take the Day Off
Stop the madness!  Wake up!  We are not mindless shopper drones.  Instead of spending money, this economy cannot afford to be spent, save your money on Labor Day.  We need every American to stop spending needless money.  We need to go back to a creditor nation, instead of being a debtor nation.  We are literally beggars in the richest country on the planet.  We need to stop buying cheap Chinese or Asian crap and build up our savings.  We are in a depression, not a recession.  House prices are in free fall.  Gas prices are skyrocketing, food prices are soaring, car sales are in the dumps, parts of the country are jobless.  If these aren't enough to wake you up, I don't know what else could.  There are parts of the country where 1 in 3 people are out of work.  You sit in front of the news and expect to hear this?  Never!  They are not going to "report" this.  We are being sold down the river by business and the government.  Noone in power is safeguarding the real economy.

We've pissed away manufacturing.  We've pissed away production.  We've pissed away innovation.  We've even made it illegal in some parts of the nation to care for ourselves, i.e. take care of the poor on our own.  You think that's because it's safer to have the government do it.  No, it's designed that way, to eventually get everyone to rely on the government.  First it was the poor, and now it's the jobless.  Remember and realize that people making $50,000 a year are on unemployment.  Not everyone who is jobless worked at McDonald's.  Real people with real jobs are down for the count.

Instead of taking your hard earned cash and giving it away, you need to carry it to your local credit union and put it into a savings account.  And don't listen to those sheisters who talk about bad return on interest, you were going to give that money away to begin with.  We only need 10% of the population to start saving, and i mean really saving, to turn this economy around.  Yes, if 30 million Americans would stop using their credit card, debit card, and put the money into savings and ate at home, we'd be out of this slump in a year.  But, we'd need to keep doing this always.

If 10% of the population returned to being responsible creditors our economy would change.  At first it would be painful, but what we have right now is UNSUSTAINABLE.  We cannot continue to be mindless shopper drones and not fall off a cliff.  At some point, some of us have to actually be the adult and go to work on Monday and put away some money for our "nest egg".

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