Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For Blacks: The Blanket Truth (video)

Dustin Hoffman: I Heart Huckabees

The Blanket is Everything
I don't often post an article that is extremely high brow.  I think for my non-returning readers, i.e. the kids that happen to wander upon my blog, they don't "get me".  I write actually MAINLY for them.  Yes I dumb down my blog for the greatest idiots to understand me.  I am sure, quite a few of you will be laughing at that statement, because, I call dumbing down my blog dropping it to a masters degree level.  I'm trying.  Not only do readers not "get me", but advertisers don't get me either.  Imagine if you will, a nerd guy in a plaid shirt, with glasses, tape in the middle of the glasses, and a pocket protector full of pens and a scientific calculator, then maybe you'll "get me".  Of course, I look nothing like that, and stand 6'2 with muscles, but I have a full on nerd side to me.

Why the preamble?  Because, I am about to take the kid gloves off and hit you will full high brow thinking.  I want you to put on your best thinking, alter ego, super-consciousness thinking cap.  I want you to sit down, and read these few quick sentences and watch this video.  I want you to think, not of yourself, but the entire universe, God, existence and the entirety of time.

Why did i put this under the For Blacks title?

What, Blacks cant' be intellectual?  Of course we can.  So for this topic, we're going to go deep deep into that place we never admit:  That this entire United States experiment with humans has been a complete and utter failure and joke.  We have had unwashed, inbred, low brow white people sicked on us for about a good three centuries for us to feel inferior, for nothing.  This whole notion of racism, classicism, sexism, and the separation of all humanity is a lie.  Nowhere in the bible did it ever say "God said let black and white men not eat the same bread".  I do not care if you do not believe in God, but that is an excellent place to start.  If God placed us all on this planet together, who told us that we are all separate.  Not every leopard looks the same, yet they never fight each other or try to subjugate each other.  If humans are so superior to the rest of the planet, whey do we painstakingly indulge in hating each other for simply being alive?

There are people above people above people above people that have pitted all of us against each other.  I want you to imagine for 30 minutes, what the world would be like if all humans had joined together from the time of Adam and had never ever saw a difference between us.

I want you to imagine how much more advanced we would be if we had pooled ALL of our resources, as we got them, and worked towards the furthering of the HUMAN RACE.  I am not talking about communism.  I am talking about the complete acceptance of our differences and beliefs.

Why am i saying this?  I believe that we are missing a very LARGE and HUGE lesson that is all around us, and we are not seeing it.

Let me give you an example:

  • there are plants that know animals will eat them, so they make sure their seeds are completely immune to the stomach juices of the animals, and then are deposited inside the dung of the animals and sprout up, a new plant
  • there are plants that know that humans will eat their leaves, so the leaves nourish the humans the best, so that humans will plant more and more of that plant
  • there are plants that know bees will pollinate them if they come to their flowers, so they change their flower colors into the color spectrum that bees can see, and thereby attract the bees
  • there are trees that are hundreds of years old who's seeds are so tough that they can withstand fires that surely come every 100 years, and only sprout until after the fires are gone, in fact they are only allowed to sprout until a fire had baked the outer skin off of it
Do you notice a pattern here?  If you only thought about plants, you missed the point.  I gave those plant examples, because I don't think some of you would believe animals would give their life, so that humans could raise more animals, or that the sun falls on the dirt and turns the dirt into nourishing rich earth, which plants can flourish in, which then nourishes us when we eat the plant.

What am I trying to say?

The universe is connected.  We are connected to the planet.  We are a part of the dirt, plants, animals and sunlight.  All of us are connected.  Every human walking the face of the planet is related, if you go back far enough.  If you are Muslim, does not every Muslim trace his ancestry back to Mohamed?  Some of you might think that is fantasy, but the reality that everyone is related is far more technically right than every Muslim being related to Mohamed.

I present to you this brief clip of "The Blanket Theory".  I want you to watch the clip over and over and over and over until you apply it to every possible difference you think you can come up with.  I want you all to start by saying how you are completely different from ME.  How you and I have never met.  How you and I will never meet.  Then I want you to watch the clip and see how we have already met.

I normally hate anything Hollywood does.  They are in fact money grubbing sharks that are out just to keep you as stupid as possible.  SOMETIMES, an artist squeaks something by like this.   Ostensibly the Dustin Hoffman character is asking the other character to apply his theory JUST to his case he's working on.  However, any fool can see that this entire scene wasn't talking about this stupid case, but the entire universe.  What is bad about the movie itself, is that it doesn't take itself serious.  The writer didn't think it would make it past the censors, i.e. producers with money, nor the viewing public.  Why on earth would existentialism be hoisted on drunken peasants that worship American Idol.  I lament that the writer didn't think he could get this past the sharks, and the idiots who watch Fox News, or CNN for that matter.

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