Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Women Really Want

What Do Women Want?

"He grabbed her by the waist, his strong hands pressing her body against his. He gently kissed her lips, slowly, gently at first, then with more passion with each passing second. Unbridled passion welled up inside her and...."

Do women still read this? Is this what women really want? Why do I ask? Oh, because that's not what I hear on t.v.. That's not what i see in magazines. I don't see passion and burning desire for each other. There's no perfect man for a perfect woman portrayed in the media. Let's see what the magazines would have you think women want.

"He sat meekly in the corner of the bar, adjusting the glasses that kept sliding down his nose. He wore a tacky jacket with plaid pants and smelled of garlic. He had a cute nerdy appeal to him though. She saddled next to him and nodded toward him. He blushed but didn't say anything. She took him home, bathed him and taught him how to dress and act. He now makes a 6 figure salary and gives her all the shopping money she could hope for."

Oh yes, this is what Cosmo prints weekly. They would have you believe that your man was nothing before you came and you are the one that can change him. You must believe it, because you buy it every week.

But wait, that's for the 30 something year old. What about the teen to 20 something year old? Oh here we go, the MTV crowd.

"He walked through the door, his Mexican mustache looking like a raccoon had a fight with a gerbil. His tattoos looked like oil stains and he smelled of patchouli and cheep must. She saddled up next to him and said they should go to the free concert together. He nodded. Three months later she was on teen pregnant show. Two years later she was famous for doing absolutely nothing."

If you think I'm being harsh, then you haven't watched MTV for 2 seconds. I've seen stuff on there that would make Ron Jeremy blush. You may want to discount that as just entertainment, but young adults see it and think it's OK, because it's on national t.v..

What do I think women really want?

Here's my scenario of what I think, a sane woman should want.

"She walked into the lounge wearing a pink chiffon dress with a slight train to it. A tall chiseled Black man asked to take her stole. She gave it to him and he smiled. 'I'm sorry we have no more empty tables available, but If you like you can sit with Alexander Washington. I hear he's a bachelor.' She looked at him amused. Alexander Washington, Atlanta's most eligible bachelor. She was seated in no time. At first he fidgeted across from her and kept checking his watch. She struck up small talk with him and he became engrossed in her conversation. He left her his card, and she gave him her number. He called 2 days later. They've been happily married now for 10 years with 3 beautiful kids."

What's the difference? No one is promiscuous; there are no escapades; there's no lack of education; obviously he's interested in her for her; there's no changing him and visa versa. While the media tries to get you to buy into the whole notion that normal is boring, you're steadily looking for Mr. Wrong. Mister Wrong is oh so very wrong. And he or she, will lead you down a path of destruction that you'll wake up from one day and realize that you have no escape routes.

I say don't buy Cosmo, unless you're doing a collage from the pictures. I say don't watch MTV because surely, as the old grandpa says, it will rot your brain.

You want a good man? Find a good man. And, if you don't find a good man for you, don't belittle him. Because, the man that might not be good for you, might be good for some other woman. And, now you ruined it for her, because you crushed his ego. Also, it might be the case that you found the good man, but the problem is with you not recognizing it. Clean yourself up first, then go look for the good man.

And, from my favorite line delivered by the Oracle in The Matrix, "you'll be right as rain". I'm sad she died, but I love that line.

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Anonymous said...

amen sister

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you, frankly I almost live on romance novels and I don't believe I've actually ever read a Cosmo, or that I've really properly looked at a magezine for quite a number of years.
And I can honestly say that I've only ever watched about an hour or so of MTV in my life. And just randomly, I'm only 20 now.
If only the Cosmo reading and ego crushing girls could read this.

Shakaama said...

There is almost no romance on t.v. or in movies any more. "Falling in Love" apparently now is a 4 letter word. The entire notion of the fantasy love story of a man and woman having a love so strong that it lasts, even beyond death is non-existent.

It has all been replaced with problems and problems or slutty images and graphic sex. They portray love stories now as being problematic to get the point across that loving someone is ALWAYS problematic. They seek to destroy whatever notion of happiness you find in another human. Why? So you can look to them for your happiness.

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