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WoW Enchanting / Tailoring Guide Part I

Enchanting and Tailoring Guide

I am an avid World of Warcraft player. This guide will have you level up your enchanting while leveling up your tailoring as well. I take the position that you can be completely independent of others while leveling your enchanting and tailoring. I don't assume you are any certain level, nor rich by any stretch of the imagination. I have yet to have a rich character, that means a character with over 10,000 gold at any one point. So, if I can do this, so can you.

I'm going to present tailoring as a way to level up your enchanting. You will be disenchanting your tailored items, to get the component materials for your enchanting. In doing so, you will be making 10s if not 30s of a single item. More than likely, that item will go grey and you will receive all possible points for that item while tailoring.

I am going to make one assumption, that you are farming like crazy for the cloth. Not only is farming for the cloth profitable in that you get other items as well, but you also gain experience while doing it. [assuming you are around the level of the mob]

* Always keep in mind you are tailoring for disenchanting purposes. You may need to tailor more or tailor less items depending on your results. Disenchanting is not exact. It has a random amount of materials that result after disenchanting. So instead of following an exact number for tailoring, disenchant every 10 items as you go. This way you can gauge how many more tailored items you need. Also keep in mind that, should your disenchant mats result in more mats than you need to level your enchanting, you can always put them on the Auction House [A.H.] for pure profits.

As mentioned above the amounts will vary due to the variable nature of disenchanting.

Enchanting / Tailoring Guide

- train Enchanting
- train Tailoring

You will immediately gain one point in each profession.

1 - 50

1 Enchanting: create 1 x rune copper rod 1 Copper Rod, 1 Strange Dust, 1 Lesser Magic Essence

- Tailoring: create 100 x bolt of linen cloth [ if you reach 50 skill then immediately train journeyman tailoring ]
- Tailoring: create 50 x brown linen pants [ for disenchanting, they will go gray at 90 skill]*
*** Strange Dust - best item to disenchant Heavy Woolen Pants
2-50 Enchanting: disenchant 50 x brown linen pants [this may in fact bring you to 50 skill already]
2-50 Enchanting: enchant bracer: Minor Health - strange dust [ just enchant the same bracer] [enchant the bracer until you reach 50]

50 - 135

- train Enchanting Journeyman
- train Tailoring Journeyman
- Tailoring: create 5 x reinforced linen cape.* [which brings you to 75 skill]
- Tailoring: create bolt of woolen cloth [ it goes gray at 105 skill]
- Tailoring: create 5 x gray woolen shirt [which brings you to 110 skill]
- Tailoring: create heavy woolen pants [from here on out if you need strange dust, this is the item you will make to disenchant] [ it goes gray at 170 skill, so there's a lot we can skip][ however stop at 125 skill to take advantage of some tailoring efficiency]
- Tailoring: Learn Tailoring Expert at 125 skill
- Tailoring: 200 bolt of silk cloth [this goes gray at only 145 skill]
- Enchanting: disenchant reinforced linen cap; heavy woolen pants

50 - 90
- Enchanting: 40 x enchant bracer: Minor Health [ enchant until you reach 90 skill points] [enchant the same bracer or offer to enchant bracers in a newbie zone to create good will]

90 - 100
- Enchanting: 30 x enchant bracer: minor stamina [enchant the same bracer or offer to enchant bracers in a newbie zone to create good will]

100 - 101
- Enchanting: create 1 x runed silver rod

101 - 110
- Enchanting: create 9 greater magic wand [ requires a greater magic essence this is can be acquired from enchanting supply vendors in rare quantities i.e. just 1 or 2, plan ahead for this part and just purchase the lesser magic essence from the vendor when you see it available ] [The single best way to get greater magic essence is to go to the A.H. and search for weapons 16-20th level and under 10s and disenchant them] [This technique will also give you good profit even if you're not leveling your enchanting]

- Tailoring: create 100 x azure silk hood [although it only has a 21% chance of disenchanting to astral essence, you will need the soul dust anyway] [ this will go gray at 165 skill ]

- Go to Stonetalon Mountains if you are Horde [ yes that's pink for the horde girlies ] and find Kulwia,
- Go to Ashenvale if you're Alliance players and find Dalria.
- Buy these two recipe: [Enchant Cloak: Minor Agility] and [Enchant Bracer - Lesser Strength]

- Enchanting: disenchant 100 x azure silk hood

*** Lesser Astral Essence
- The single best way to get lesser astral essence is to go to the A.H. and search for weapons 21-25th level and disenchant them]
110 - 135 - Enchanting: 25 x enchant cloak: Minor agility

- Enchanting: Learn Enchanting Expert


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