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War On Black America: Are Black Men Being Targeted

Are Black Men Being Targeted

After the Professor Gates fiasco by the police, White America has begun rattling their sabers, over this non-issue. Perusing around the nets I ran across many idiots, but one idiot proposed to present hard evidence and statistics to show and prove that Black men being 60% of the prison population, although Black people, as a whole, only comprise 10% of the population in America, was somehow justified. I read over the 50 comments and quickly realized, that I had ventured into klan territory. Yes, the KKK is on the net. Who taught them to read, ... your guess is as good as mine.

Not being one to back down for a fight, and also being insulted that he head idiot in charge would use numbers, I have used in previous articles and thesis, was compelled to pose a comment. And here it is, in its entirety.

"It's always refreshing to happen to wander in a den of vipers. It's ironic that the leader would use the very numbers and statistics that I use and other scholars use to prove the state of emergency on the war on Black America would be attempted to show that Black America 10% of the population, needs to be incarcerated by some 60% of the prison population.

It is a statistical impossibility for 10% of the population... oh sorry, let me correct that. It is a statistical impossibility for 0.001% of the population to commit so many crimes as to warrant representing 60% of prison population. For those not following the numbers here's a brief lesson:

- There are only 10% of
Americans that are Black.
- of those 10% only 1 per 100,000 commit crimes [ this is called crime per capita ]

- this makes up 0.001% of the general American Population

- they not only arrest this group, but tend to incarcerate each and every on
- whites commit the same crimes, [ in far greater numbers since they make up 50% of the population ]
- whites do no receive incarceration, perhaps only 1% of the time.

So if a white person is caught dealing drugs, 1 in 100 goes to jail. If a Black person is caught dealing drugs, all 100 go to jail. Those are facts, not opinions. Some judges have been removed off the bench because they do this. But getting a judge removed for this is terribly hard to do."

First Hand Knowledge

As a law school student, I was required to go down to the city court house and listen to cases. It was such and infuriating process and here's why.

I sat in court and two cases came up, back to back.

Case #1:
Black man accused of loitering outside a convenience store. Suspect was arrested by police. Apparently this was his 3rd time being arrested.

Accused said he suffers from some heart condition or something and often takes medicine which leaves him in a daze. Does not have a history of drinking, nor does he beg for money.

Conviction and Sentence:
30 days in jail

Case #2:
White man arrested for over 1 kilo of cocaine in his possession.

The accused had so many priors the judge sat for 4 minutes reading them off.

The accused told the judge he had a problem, but instead of going to jail, he could go to his brother's farm in Arkansas [ trial is in Louisiana ] and thereby sober up.

Conviction and Sentence:
Judge sentenced accused to go to his brother's farm in Arkansas.

The Marginalization of Blacks in Public

Turn on any Fox News type station and what do you hear about Blacks in America: "There are more Blacks behind bars than in school." Blacks have been constantly marginalized since the emancipation proclamation. However, here are the real numbers. There is a total of 1,216,000 young African Americans in college, ages 18-24, as opposed to 189,000 in custody. That is nearly 10 times the difference.

Turn on any Fox News type station and you will see Michael Vick demonized for giving money to his friends in a dog fighting scandal. You will not see a financial interview of countless CEO who oversee the elite companies that run this country, and that are Black.

You will continue to hear stories that the president of the United States had to show his birth certificate to the press, to prove he was American and not a Black Muslim, to the racist quotient of the population. Why is this so ridiculous? To even run his credentials are checked.

You will continue to have record companies, pay people to write the most derogatory, degrading, vile lyrics and hoist them on rap singers to rap in their songs. Oh, maybe you all didn't know that's what's going on. Over 50% of rappers didn't grow up "hard", otherwise they wouldn't be able to fit into corporate America so easily and be readily marketable. The company then hires lyricist to write about raping women, murdering other Black men, glorifying crime and infidelity. The rapper plays little part in the process from what I'm told. But, he's in a catch 22. That's how he makes his money.

My conclusion

This is not an isolated incident. All across America, in court rooms in every town and municipality, white people are not being incarcerated and Black people are. Where a white person might get the most lenient possible sentence, a Black person gets the maximum.

We need to clean up the system, but we must focus on one city and state at one time. We need an appellate court to get their heads out of their hind parts and do their job, and have some integrity about the situation.

We need some lawyers who can dedicate their life's work to freeing Black men. We need some lawyers who can dedicate their life's work to giving Black men representation. I'm sure in 90% of the cases, had the Black man had representation, we would not be in this sad state of affairs.


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Im living in of all places in seattle im homeless right now which i call donw here on the ground learning now not to judge people for what they do and how they live their lives as the saying goes walk a mile in a another mans shoes) any way i spend most of my time at a day labor place and right across the street is pioneer park all sorts are there but only the blacks get the attention of the police

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