Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ukrainian attorney general, interior minister's secret correspondence revealed

Ukrainian attorney general, interior minister's secret correspondence revealed

Hackers claim to have cracked open correspondence between top Ukrainian officials about rebellious moods brewing among troops sent to fight the self-defense forces of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in the east. The screenshots of the messages acting Defense Minister Mikhail Koval and Attorney General Vitaly Yarema exchanged on June 20 have been posted on the Internet.

Earlier, even a Ukrainian TV channel showed National Guard fighters complaining about the poor quality of bullet-proof vests offering no protection against bullets and about musty bread supplied to troops in the east. In their messages, Yarema and Koval speak of a "mutiny of captains" or those refusing to participate in military operations in eastern Ukraine, discuss ways of bolstering troop morale and express fears that things might grow worse. Here is an excerpt from their correspondence.

Attorney General Vitaly Yarema
Attorney General Vitaly Yarema
Koval: "Have you heard about the troops?"

Yarema: "A revolution of captains? Yes, I know… What do you think about it?"

Koval: "I have a couple of thoughts… Zastolnye should be dealt with as usual. But one’s got to be tougher with captains."

Yarema: "Sack them?"

Koval: "There are other ideas… Relatives…, well, you know where. We will proclaim them enemies of Ukraine, separatists and so on."

Yarema: "Don’t you fear the consequences?"

Koval: "No. They are confused. Can’t self-organize. The soldiers won’t back them. We will promise to demobilize them a couple of months earlier. We will confiscate arms. Plus we will work with their families as usual. That will be enough."

Yarema: "What if they dash to get passports like Berkut did."

Koval: "They won’t. We’ll bring those exalted idiots in. They are the Guard now. So let them guard officers’ bitches and their… so that they wouldn’t dare stir their toes."

Next, Yerema describes, using expletives, what President Poroshenko will do to Koval if his plan fails.

"He dumped Deshchitsa for a much lesser fault. And you will be sent to the penguins in Antarctica as an ambassador if you drop the ball…," Yarema writes to Koval.


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