Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ukraine regime fails to understand longing to freedom its former parts

Ukraine regime fails to understand longing to freedom its former parts

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko announced that the ceasefire in the south-east of the country stops, saying that "the protection of the territorial integrity of Ukraine "requires not only defensive, but offensive action."

"We will attack and we will liberate our land," he said, adding that Kiev "is ready to return to the ceasefire at any time, when we see that all parties adhere to the implementation of the basic points of the peace plan." Read the article on the current state of affairs in Ukraine at and make sure to leave your feedback.

President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko
President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko
Meanwhile, here’s what our listeners and readers think:

Stylianos Panaghe from Cyprus sent us an email:

"Ukraine regime fails to understand, in today's world if part of the Ukraine wants to become independent by democratic means - in this case a referendum - this a right under international law. If they think they can reverse the process by force of arms, killing its citizens, women, children and the helpless, it is madness. Issuing threats and ultimatums is not the best way to achieve peace, it does the opposite. Any little faith we had in USA/EU/NATO has evaporated, they have become completely and utterly untrustworthy. As for the EU, it is a complete failure, the disillusionment with its mediocre politicians will eventually cause the demise of the EU, I am not sorry to see this happen."

Jane Jacoby from the United States wrote:

"Russia's actions regarding Ukraine and UN not reported anywhere in western media. Only one website/commentator mentions the water situation/the mining. Poroshenko's signing on with IMF, however, is being touted as a good thing, w/Biden's son getting top post in Ukraine gas company. Those who follow the international debacles, seeking truth, know the genocidal politics behind these actions… Where is Russia in making a statement to UN on what every nation has agreed are crimes against humanity regarding cutting water supplies, mines and other Ukraine atrocities?"

Meanwhile, Voice of Russia is discussed the impact of the free-trade agreements signed by the EU outgoing leaders with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova at the EU summit in Brussels last Friday. Who stands to gain and who stands to lose from the step hailed as an outstanding achievement by the parties to the agreements?  Jurgen Elsässer, political analyst and Editor-in-Chief of the monthly Compact, based in Germany shared his opinion on the issue with radio VR: "Ukraine and the putsch regime in Kiev will be a burden for the European foreign policy, because the trouble in the east of the country is so heavy that the situation will not calm down and the debts of the Kiev regime are so high, that the EU has to sponsor this regime to stabilize it a little bit."


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