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Lies About Black Fatherless Children

Lies About Black Fatherless Children

Turn on any talk show and you'll hear 72% of Black children are fatherless. Turn on any news show and you will hear the same thing. Turn on any talk radio and the same thing is repeated. But wait, U.S. Census statistics says 48% of Black women have never been married. That means that 58% of Black women are married, divorced or widowed.

So let's return to this 72% statistic that is being reported. The person reporting it, always comes across as if the Black child never had a father, doesn't know the father and the relationship of the parents dissolved before the child was born, complete absentee father, i.e. fatherless.

But wait, pew research shows that only 44% of Black fathers live apart from their children. Again this blows away that 72%, because that means that 56% live WITH their children. Also, research shows that of the fathers that live apart from their children, BLACK FATHERS SPEND MORE TIME WITH THEIR CHILDREN THAN ANY OTHER RACIAL GROUP.

But wait, independent research also showed that 41% of all Black children live WITH their father, either in a marriage or single-dad households. Again, that blows away that 72% statistic. Across the bored, in all research, it shows that either a strong majority or a close majority of Black children live with their fathers.

There is an old saying, "statistics don't lie, the people that used them do".

Here's another trend they are not telling you. Among all teen pregnancy, Black teen pregnancy has declined more than all other races since 1990 and is showing a trend to stay that way. Yes, that means less Black teen-age girls are having babies than white or Asian girls. [Hispanic is not a race, in case you were confused]

So we have fewer "at risk" pregnancies; Black fathers leading 41% of homes; and wait, there's more.

The Black divorce rate is only 32%. The white divorce rate is 39%. So 68% of all Black marriages stay together.

"68% of all Black marriages stay together."

Slavery and the Legacy of the Black Father

Talk to most Americans and they have no idea what slavery was. In fact, they know even less about Jim Crow. Fewer still know about segregation.

Briefly, Africans were sold on what is now known as Wallstreet. They had been captured from Africa, sent to central America to be tortured, beaten and stripped of their will, normally ending in suicide, and of those that remain 13% made it to the auction blocks of Wallstreet. These slaves, 3/4 of which were men, were sold to southern farmers for about 60 - 70 years.

Because the wealth that the southern famers had were so tremendous, the northern businessmen stopped Wallstreet from auctioning slaves, and the American revolution began. The southern states tried to remove themselves from the federal republic, and the northern states attacked them. During this time President Lincoln declared all slaves freed and to fight the white southerners.

After that civil war, the south then proceeded to institute laws to keep Blacks and Black families in the same exact situation of slavery. Northern states, who had sold Blacks on the auction blocks of Wallstreet found themselves in the position of being in direct competition with both the always free Blacks and the newly freed Blacks for business and jobs. So they too instituted laws against Black people and Black families. This was known as the Jim Crow era. And, contrary to popular belief it was all over the U.S., not just the south.

After many technological advances, and social inventions like trade unions, Blacks could be held back financial through local and private means. There was no longer any need to pass laws to keep Blacks and Black families at bay.

This started the segregation era. The southern states, who were not business oriented, still kept their Jim Crow laws in place. While Blacks were segregated all over the country, the Jim Crow south was an embarrassment to the country and it led to the first Black national financial revolution. It was stopped immediately by the federal government and the local state governments.

In a compromise effort, Black leadership agreed to stop any and all financial revolts and instead focused on trying to regulate white behavior towards Blacks.

This compromise led to the complete and utter financial ruin of all Black communities nationwide. Most Black businesses shut down and the financial wealth of the community switched from business to returning to work for the very people that enslaved, Jim Crowed, and segregated them.

During this entire time the Black family was under attack. During slavery it was the practice to simply remove the Black man and sell him to another plantation owner. During Jim Crow the Black father was simply tortured, mutilated and murdered. During segregation, again, tortured, mutilated and murdered.

In the new era after the Black financial revolution fell apart, a new Jim Crow arose. In this new era, massive incarceration takes the Black man out of the picture. No need to murder him. Simply incarcerate him during his prime years, 18 - 40, and you achieve the same exact outcome.

The method to get Black men incarcerated though had to be ramped up, because what would incarcerate a Black man, would also incarcerate a white man. So the federal government allowed for private prisons to be a new business. They introduced new harsh drugs into the Black segregated communities. Immediately they passed drug laws with unconstitutional mandatory sentencing. They trained police to target mostly Black youths, make unconstitutional stops and unconstitutional searches. This was a cocktail to make 100,000 inmates grow to millions, with most of them being young Black men.

This is the era we find ourselves in today. So, although the statistics look quite grim, the Black father is more than successful given the new Jim Crow era we find ourselves in.

Who is Behind the Black Fatherless Child Lie?

So who is behind these misleading statistics? The chief proponent of putting out this false stat has been the Democratic party, since before the 60s. They have systematically put out many false statistics for political gain, so that whites can feel secure about themselves, and Blacks can feel ashamed of themselves. Either way, all of their social programs get passed for "humanitarian" reasons. However, in every case, the Democratic social programs have ALWAYS harmed the Black family. So it is a double dose of backstabbing by the Democratic party. They lie about the state of the Black family. They pass laws that destroy the Black family.

Keeping white families at ease has always been the strategy of the Democratic party. Kennedy did nothing to help Blacks during the failed financial revolt of the 60s. For fear of reelection he did not send national guard to assist the freedom riders. For fear of reelection he did not sign into law civil rights legislation. To put white families at ease he threw Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in jail, and only released him if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. agreed to switch from the Republican party to the Democratic party.

Time and again it has been the Democratic party that has led the charge AGAINST the Black family. However, since it was Black people involved, no news organizations nor law firms nor state or federal government thought it important enough to blow the whistle. However, because it has been so ingrained in the Black community that the Democratic party is for Blacks it is nearly too late to get Black families to realize who has been doing this to them.

If we can get the drugs out of the community, all the drug laws completely removed, and get the millions of Black men released from prison, you will see a boom in the Black population and Black marriage will return to 70%, which it was during the Jim Crow, Segregation and Black financial revolution eras.

We can only do this by being scholars of politics, getting our own lobbyists at the state and federal levels and returning to real Black communities with our own businesses.

The statistic of 72% of all Black children being "fatherless" is a complete and utter lie. I have shown here that not only are Black children not fatherless, but more often than not Black children are in a married home.

You want to see the fatherless rate decrease from 40% to 0%, this is what we must do.

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