Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Racism Definition


If you go look up the term racism in the dictionary it will instead give you the definition of bigotry.  I'm sure many of you just went blank trying to think how racism and bigotry are different.  The idiocy of the matter is that those that are in fact racist have overwhelmingly redefined the term so that those who are the underclass cannot ever hope to understand what racism is and how to thereby defeat the oppressors.

If you are smart, you can already see what the true definition of racism is.  It is not bigotry.  It is not prejudice.  It is not even hatred.

1. a competitive relationship between groups of people that are competing for the control of wealth, resources and power.

2. a group phenomenon whereby one group seeks to exploit another group so that all wealth, resources and power is given to the first group at the complete expense of the second group.
Racism did not exist until the 17th century.  Many white people today don't even recognize what racism is.  The primary source of racism was slavery.  Later as technology advanced slavery was unnecessary to keep Blacks in America an underclass.  Blacks could be exploited at will since, after slavery absolutely nothing was given to Blacks in observance of so called "emancipation".  To this day 99% of the wealth that was taken from Blacks is still enjoyed by whites and the interest from it is still making trillions of dollars yearly for the white race in America.

For those thinking that all minorities have it bad and we should group together, you're not paying attention.  Each race is racist except for Black people.  Black people are the only group that does not understand the concept of racism and that we are in competition with each other for the same resources.  Every group that has come to America has made it their agenda to further their group and their group alone to the exclusion of everyone else, EXCEPT Blacks.

Blacks were never brought here as immigrants.  We were brought here, overwhelmingly, as chattle.  As such we had nothing, started with nothing and ended with nothing.

If you think somehow "minorities" are all in the same boat you are sadly mistaken.  Some of the most powerful groups for other "minorities" are in fact practicing racism to the fullest extent.  Namely, Latino groups which seek to exclude everyone else but themselves, keep the influx of Latinos coming into the country, excluding Blacks from any of their talks, reforming immigration policy and reforming public funds to be distributed to them and them alone.

The same is true of all other "minority" groups.  Black people are the only ones who form a political group and willingly invite other minority groups into it.  Meanwhile, those very same groups form their own groups to further their own agenda for their sole gain.

If Black people do not get a firm understanding of what racism is, they will very soon be a permanent underclass.  They will even be a permanent underclass to current other "minorities".

By the way, most people think the word minority is strictly a numbers word.  They think minority is something that refers only to a group that has a number lesser than another group.  While that might be a mathematical definition, with humans nothing is that cut and dry.  Minority means that you are a lesser human.  In America specifically you are lesser than a white person.  Therefore calling yourself a minority is admitting to yourself that you are lesser than a white person.

No Black person should ever call themselves a minority.  We are not in the same category as the other non-whites to begin with.  There is absolutely no shared history between Blacks in America and anyone else on the face of the planet.  No mexican shares the same history.  No asian shares the same history.  No JEW shares the same history.  Do not hug someone because they are not white.  At the end of the day they are going to go to their local mexican / asian / jewish store and spend money there to make sure the money stays in their hands and not in yours.  Say hi, wave, what have you, save your hugs for your own brother.

I repeat, racism is a competition.  It is alive and well.  Learn to compete or die.  It is as simple as that.

Now if you have been paying attention, you should have noted two things:
  1. currently only whites are racist, because they are in the winning position
  2. Blacks have never been racist and cannot be racist because it is a group phenomenon
Anyone who calls a Black person a racist is completely ignorant of the English language.  Again, racist is not bigotry, nor prejudice, it is racism.  You cannot use the two interchangeably.

Let me make it patently clear.
  • not only will a racist exploit a group of people, but they will willingly have them very close to them, i.e. house slaves
  • a bigot does not tolerate another PERSON that belongs to a group and will shun them, to the point of not even wishing to see nor work along side them
  • racism is continuous and ongoing to this very day and probably will continue till the very last human is alive
  • many who were bigots have now changed hearts and now not only work with Black people, but have dinner with them and even consider them friends
  • bigotry is not an ongoing thing

If you are still not understanding, let me present a final comparison.  Even among white people, there is a select group of whites that feel they should be served by other whites who are not as well off as they are.  This is called classicism.  Where one class feels compelled to exploit another class of people.  The media tries to pretend that that is the only competition going on today.  This is of course patently false.  Not only is there classicism, but there is also racism.

In America today, to be poor, Black and a man is a 3 strike rule.  The wealthy elites would like nothing more than to exploit poor, Black, men like no other group alive.  Wake up and compete.

[ I will go over how to compete in a later post ]

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