Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Roseanne Barr is a Fan of Alex Jones

Roseanne Barr is a Fan of Alex Jones

In an amazing interview, Roseanne Barr reveals that she is a fan of Alex Jones and avid listener.  She says she agrees with a lot of what he says, and disagrees on some points, but is obviously torn between Hollywood sentimentality and reasonable Libertarian views about how the country should be run.

She agrees that the current situation is unsustainable and she did NOT vote for Obama.  She said she was aware that he got his money from Big Oil and Nuclear power companies.  She looked at all of his monied interests and where he got his campaign funds and said she was "disgusted" at him.

She introduced her new book Roseannearchy, [click link to buy ] on sale now.  She made no bones about beheading the Wall Street bankers and blatantly says they were involved in the largest theft of public funds in the history of the country.  She went on to say that even if they were arrested and tried, they would have to be moved to a court that they hadn't bought and paid for.

She made it a point to clarify that currently the system is completely bought and paid for by Wall Street.  She made no bones about coming right out and saying it.

When pressed on issues in her book, where she said the maximum wealth any one individual could have is $100 million, about Michael Moore being worth $200 million, she said those that are doing good for the people would be allowed concessions.  She also mentioned how Oprah makes plenty of money but shells out plenty of it to needy people and tries to help people.

All in all the theme of the book is one of feminism.  When asked about certain political figures that were Libertarian and yet male, she said she would make concessions for them as well.

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