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Meet Your Local Libertarian Candidates

Meet Your Local Libertarian Candidates

The two party system throws a lot of dust into the air and tries to make sure you are missing 3rd parties.  The reality is between democrat and republican, there is no real option or choice between the two.  They might say one is liberal and one is conservative, but the reality is that YOU the followers of these parties are the liberal or conservatives.  The truth of the matter is that, once in office, the candidates do absolutely nothing different.  A republican or democrat spends spends spends and makes sure they get re-elected.  A democrat is for big government and a republican is for big government.  Where is your choice exactly?

The Old Boy's Club of Democrats and Republicans
Well, there are far more choices now than say 20 years ago.  We have a true choice in the Libertarian party.  Let me clarify something before you automatically assume you understand the Libertarian platform.  Notice any derogatory comments made about the Libertarian party all come from republican / democrat shills.  They are never going to tell you fairly and squarely that the Libertarian party is what every candidate and politician should be after.  Government is supposed to be there simply to protect us from outside invaders and to smooth things out between parties, through judges, and criminals, through the police.  But in their zeal to make a bigger grander government, the democrats and republicans are trying to keep and control you form cradle to grave.  You don't like an issue, take it to the government.  It is the ultimate in mind control.

The reality is that the current parties wish nothing more than to control you and make sure you hand over your money to their nice wall street buddies that got them elected.  It is the ultimate class warfare, with us on the other side.  There cannot be now said that our government is not corrupt.  They cannot deny that they handed over trillions of our dollars, and debt, over to wall street, with the nice name of bail out attached to it.

But, the Libertarian party is here and is strong.  We stand for the constitution.  Imagine a world where you had no taxes whatsoever.  Imagine that you could open up a little shop of your own without having to pay exorbitant licenses and other secret taxes to keep your out of the market.  Our country to return to producing things instead of consuming what other people produced.  We were one of the best manufacturer of goods on the planet, but through the 2 party system America has been gutted.

Every election period we scream throw the bums out.  But the only thing everyone does is ends up electing the same damn person.  Who cares that it's a republican "woman".  She is the same thing as the democrat male.  There is no difference.  But the propaganda machine works over-time to make sure you don't see it.

Here are you local Libertarian candidates.  Contact them and get to know them.  America does not have to go down in a ball of flames.  America does not have to default on our own dollars.  It is a new day and we can see the sun behind these very very gloomy clouds that the democrats and republicans paint.

Met your Libertarians candidates, greet them, love them.  For, they are your best hope for a real future in America.

Local Libertarian Candidates

Thane Eichenauer
Phoenix Mayor, Arizona
Bill Barker
Phoenix City Council, Arizona
Maclyn Stringer
Centennial City Council, District 4, Colorado
Rich Lion
Manchester City Council, Connecticut
Brent Hatley
Saint Petersburg City Council, District 3, Florida
Lance Lamberton
Austell City Council, Ward 4, Georgia
Richard Segal
Douglasville City Council, Ward 5, Georgia
Amanda Swafford
Flowery Branch City Council, Georgia
Daniel de Gracia
Honolulu County Neighborhood Board, Hawaii
Karen Green
Bloomington City Council Ward 2, Illinois
Jeff Ready
Bloomington City Council Ward 6, Illinois
Doug Marks
Carpentersville Village Trustee, Illinois
J.D. Horton
Grayville Mayor, Illinois
Don Stover
Greenville City Council, Illinois
Brian Sasso
Lincoln-Way High School Board, Illinois
Karin Vermillion
Mahomet Library Board, Illinois
Steve Hellin
O'Fallon District 90 School Board, Illinois
Edwin Everly
Rantoul Township High School Board, Illinois
Rob Jozwiak
Anderson Mayor, Indiana
Oscar Gibson
Elkhart Mayor, Indiana
Phil Miller
Greenfield Mayor, Indiana
Jeff Spoonamore
Greenwood Mayor, Indiana
Chris Bowen
Indianapolis Mayor, Indiana
Ed Coleman
Indianapolis City-County Council, Indiana
Bob Isgrigg
Jeffersonville Mayor, Indiana
Thomas Keister
New Albany Mayor, Indiana
Debbie O'Neal
Rushville Mayor, Indiana
Pat Farrell
South Bend Mayor, Indiana
Mike Waite
Westfield Mayor, Indiana
Ken Moellman
State Treasurer, Kentucky
Robert Walsh
Lynn City Council, At-large, Massachusetts
Brian Runne
Lynn City Council, Ward 4, Massachusetts
Lorenzo Gaztanaga
Baltimore City Council President, Maryland
Doug McNeil
Baltimore City Council, District 11, Maryland
Scott Spencer
Baltimore City Council, District 12, Maryland
Ron Owens-Bey
Baltimore City Council, District 13, Maryland
Calvin Kattola
Royal Oak City Commissioner, Michigan
Tylor Slinger
Saint Paul City Council, Minnesota
Jeff Foli
Chillicothe City Council, Missouri
Doug Burlison
Springfield City Council, Missouri
Donna Knezevich
State Representative, Mississippi
Harold M. Taylor
State Representative, Mississippi
Jan "Jay" Butler
State Representative, Mississippi
Sean Holmes
State Representative, Mississippi
Brendan Kelly
State Representative, Rockingham District 14, New Hampshire
Darren Young
State Assembly, District 21, New Jersey
Dave Schneck
State Assembly, District 30, New Jersey
Julian Heicklen
State Assembly, District 37, New Jersey
Vinko Grskovic
State Assembly, District 38, New Jersey
Chris Edes
Monroe County Legislature, District 24, New York
Drew Beeman
Monroe County Legislature, District 25, New York
Max Kessler
Monroe County Legislature, District 27, New York
John Cain
Suffolk County Executive, New York
Peter Nichols
Huntington Town Councilmember, New York
Vivinne Wong
Huntington Town Councilmember, New York
Stephen Mayo
New Rochelle City Councilmember, New York
Howard Arden
North Castle Town Supervisor, New York
Kerry Lutz
North Castle Town Councilmember, New York
Matthew Rice
North Castle Town Councilmember, New York
Greg Fischer
Riverhead Town Supervisor, New York
Bob Bridges
Columbus City Council, Ohio
Mark Noble
Columbus City Council, Ohio
Ken Sharp
Toledo City Council, District 1, Ohio
Mike Burkholder
Troy City Auditor, Ohio
Tim Mullen
Luzerne County Council, Pennsylvania
Erik Viker
Selinsgrove Borough Council, Pennsylvania
Brenda Fabian
Selinsgrove School Board, Pennsylvania
David Moser
York School Board, Pennsylvania
Stan Smith
State Senator, District 16, South Carolina
Kris Bailey
Austin City Council, Texas
Kooper Caraway
Mount Pleasant Mayor, Texas
Courtney White
Ogden City Council, Ward 2, Utah

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