Friday, August 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich Disproves Global Warming (full video)

Newt Gingrich Disproves Global Warming

I am no fan of Newt Gingrich, but in the video below he actually quotes and cites all his sources, those being of actual scientists and not just sound bites like Al Gore does: "the science is clear"; "the science is firm"; "there is no debating global warming"; "those who oppose global warming are like those who think the lunar landing was staged in Hollywood, a very small segment of scientists." What's more Newt Gingrich gives his credentials before speaking. He actually has grounds to say what he says, because he actually has credentials, where Gore was just Vice President, not a gleaming qualification to get the world in an uproar over man made global warming. I've actually dug up my own independent research, and everything Gore says is completely false.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
  • icebergs are melting [ yes in the summer they melt slightly every year, for the past 1 billion years]
  • co2 emissions will make sea water rise 20ft in 30 years [completely false, and a prediction, not a fact, based on science that has been completely debunked due to a report that was falsifying information adding ANOTHER 20 degrees to the data]
  • man made co2 is the cause of global warming [completely false, global warming and cooling is done by many factors, the least of which are sun spots and cloud cover that reflects heat radiation back to surface, HENCE our ability to actually live on the planet (what an idiot)]
  • polar bears are dying and drowning [completely debunked, and the scientist that came up with the report has been since removed from office and is under investigation]
  • there is a consensus that global warming is man made [over 10,000 scientists came out of the woodwork to personally sue Mr. Gore, stating there is not a consensus and that the science was completely false]
  • global warming is readily apparent and temperatures are rising like a hockey stick [completely false, and debunked since they only used data over the past 100 years, go back to the middle ages and our temperatures seem like a spec of dust since temperatures during that time were MUCH higher, go back further and further and the middle ages are simply the normal cycle of global temperatures]
  • I've submitted reports showing the science of global warming [all reports submitted to the UN and the IPCC have since been shown to have been falsified, a conspiracy to commit perjury and the data was not submitted to any peer review study]

This is just from the research i've read over.  Newt actually has other data than what I've dug up, but the two corroborate.

Gore is now worth nearly $200 million.  When he left office with clinton he was worth a mere $100,000.  Insiders have said all along this was all about money and global governance, i.e. a one world government.

They keep trying, but everything falls apart.  The EU was actually their first step, which was conceived some 30 years ago.  It is clamoring to stay afloat, but the model is completely flawed.  Spain, Ireland and portugal will be the next to fall, with Greece holding on for dear life.  We [ the federal reserve ] are pouring trillions into the EU, secretly.  They cannot stay afloat by themselves.  They are essentially already in a coma and noone is saying it.  Pull the plug and she's dead.

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