Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lies of Democrats and Republicans

Libertarians in a Nutshell

Libertarians hold the most elected offices of all 3rd parties combined.  We aren't throwing any votes away.

The stranglehold that democrats and republicans have over the media and political marketing is the same propaganda you just regurgitated, i.e. don't vote 3rd party because xyz is terrible and you'll just be doing a disservice to the country.  That would be great if it weren't so patently clear that democrats and republicans feed from the same trough.  Succinctly, there is no actual choice between the two, they are one and the same.  They are both big government.

It's like this.  I was standing at the door of a club one night, talking to the doorman.  Over the course of an hour 1,000 people showed up to the door.  They all went inside, and looked around and said noone was there and left.  I pointed this out to the doorman after the hour was up.  He gave me a shocked look and nodded.  Had they stayed, the club would have had the busiest night ever and on a night when nothing else in the city was going on.

Not to be a fool, I encourage my Libertarian brothers and sisters to do the same.  Vote for our candidates, because the polling and evidence is clear, Libertarian is the closest to the constitution there is and the country is fed up with the big government parties.  If we stay the course, like the club, we will continually pick up those who think they are conservative and those who are fed up with the system that both taxes them to death and is only out to increase the government.

Libertarians started the tea party.  Fox news and other governmental organizations snatched it away from us when they saw people migrating to it EN MASSE. It was never a republican thing, it was a Libertarian thing.

So, look at the tea party.  Look at the numbers.  Again the republicans, trying to shut out libertarians, arrested the movement before it "got out of hand".  They put spin on it and claimed it was a republican thing.

Let's look at the tea party: Gallup reports that 28% of Americans consider themselves to be supporters of the Tea Party.  26% oppose it and the remainder – a full 46% of the population – either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

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