Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bogus News Reports: Wisconsin

False / Fraud News Reports: Wisconsin

You read the headline on Yahoo News:

Wisconsin voters express buyer’s remorse over Gov. Scott Walker

and think to yourself that the sky is falling and that somehow what Governor Scott Walker is doing is wrong. What you don't know is that the reporters writing the drivel are bought and paid for, and the newspaper itself is a democrat supported branch. They are not going to tell you that public unions have a benefits package that's completely free of charge, bloated and completely out of sync with the private sector. No private sector employee, these days, receives a free medical, dental and retirement package, fully paid.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
So, why the deception by the news media? They want the Wisconsin governor out of there. The teacher's union and public unions want their cake at tax payer's expense. While private company employees have to pay for their own healthcare, retirement, dental, insurance out of their own pocket 75% - 100%, depending on employer.  State workers are getting a free ride. Also, state workers now have higher salaries than private sector employees, in quite a few cross-compatible markets.

If you're reading this and think that state workers SHOULD get higher salaries, then you're not understanding what a public job is.

  • It is paid for by taxpayers and therefor should be minimized at all possibilities
  • any tax payer paid job is a burden on the working class
  • any extra benefits that a public worker receives is an additional burden on a tax payer
  • any raise or new hire is an additional burden on tax payers
  • public jobs do not generate any money: i.e. they do not create money, any an all money they gain is from tax payers
  • any political position is a burden on tax payers
  • any agency is a burden on tax payers
  • police are also state workers, so the creation of extra branches within the police are a burden on tax payers: very often new departments within the police department are created without showing any need for them, nor showing how they even affect the crime rate.  They are just an extra burden on tax payers, for no other reason than to get shiny new riot gear or military grade equipment.  When a town, with a population of 250,000 creates a drug task force, without any showing of a drug epidemic in that small village, the police department is wasting public funds, and someone is getting rich in the process.
There has been no scientific polling done in the state of Wisconsin, yet the news is calling for the governors head.  The average tax payer in Wisconsin has NOT been asked if they agree with the governor.  I am sure if the governor sat down and explained how money was being taken out of their $13.00 / hr paycheck, they would ALL side with him.

Gov. Scott Walker (courtesy LA Times)
Also, state budgets and state funding is done by the state, not the federal government.  No national poll or national opinion has anything to do with that state's internal affairs.  The news is being used outside of the state to try and put political pressure on this man.  He is trying to get out of a very deep and dark financial hole.  Yet, people think that the cash cow, the Wisconsin tax payer, is some how going to come up with more money and just keep throwing money in the hole.

When the governor is faced with a hole and the state budget is leaking, you need to fix the leak.  His proposals are not even enough to fix the leaks they have.  Yet, the news media is being used to put pressure on him to stop doing what he is trying to do, i.e. fix a little of the problem.

What is really wrong with the picture is that the governor is trying to SAVE state worker's jobs.  It seems that the members would rather fire a huge portion of their workers than take a small pay cut or ACTUALLY contribute to their own benefits.

Walker says he's actually working to preserve jobs for state workers. By ending collective bargaining and forcing state workers to contribute 5.8% of their salaries toward pensions and doubling their health insurance contribution, his administration would save 1,500 jobs between now and July, Walker says.
Seems kind of pointless to argue with those who are not intellectually honest about a situation.  I understand politics, but when you present something  as direct as the above, there's no politics behind it.  Those are crisp, shiny numbers.  As the saying goes, numbers don't lie.

I say fire the workers and let them keep their salary.  The firing of 1,500 employees would massively save on the budget.  The real numbers are probably way above 1,500 to save the budget.  I am just guessing though.  I read somewhere that it's actually 5,500 jobs that would balance the budget.  It does include teachers, so people might be a little frustrated at firing that many people.

Libertarian View

Of course, this is just another republican governor being slammed by a democrat supported newspaper.  There is frankly, nothing to see here and nothing is going to change.  If libertarians were in charge we wouldn't be in this position at all.  There would be no massive spending and massive budgets.  The government would be tiny and the tax burden on state tax payers would be minuscule.  This very same Governor Scott Walker, usurped the Libertarian originated "tea party" and crowned himself a tea party conservative.

At the end of the day, Governor Scott Walker, if allowed to do what he wants to, will probably come close to balancing the budget, however, in the wake of it the unions for state workers will be destroyed.  As a Libertarian, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing, but not allowing any collective bargaining in the current system is in fact a bad thing.  Under a Libertarian system it wouldn't be bad to not have collective bargaining, because Libertarians aren't out to destroy the American family, just the opposite, we're here to rebuild it.

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