Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wagner Tannhauser Pilgrim's Chorus (video w/ lyrics)

Wagner Tannhauser Pilgrim's Chorus by Richard Wagner

(if you have been following me for a year, you'll know occasionally I put lyrics, and a song I really like, on here, to sort of save it for posterity and to make sure that the lyrics are not lost in their native tongue, and not some horrible English translation. I think youtube has revolutionized entertainment and saving things for posterity. My hope is that youtube lasts forever.)

Richard Wagner 1813 - 1883


Beglückt darf nun dich, o Heimat, ich schauen,
und grüßen froh deine lieblichen Auen;
nun lass' ich ruhn den Wanderstab,
weil Gott getreu ich gepilgert hab'.
Durch Sühn' und Buß' hab' ich versöhnt
den Herren, dem mein Herze frönt,
der meine Reu' mit Segen krönt,
den Herren, dem mein Lied ertönt.
den Herren, dem mein Lied ertönt.
Der Gnade Heil ist dem Büßer beschieden,
er geht einst ein in der Seligen Frieden!
Vor Höll' und Tod ist ihm nicht bang,
drum preis' ich Gott mein Lebelang.
Halleluja in Ewigkeit, in Ewigkeit!

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Anonymous said...

really love it~! thanks for posting the origin German version~!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much I was looking for this has been a long time. This song is just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Vielen Danke aus Katalonien.
Thanks for posting the original lyrics.
As you said, it makes no sense to have it translated, no matter which language.

Daniel said...

This lyrics is unfinished...

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