Thursday, March 10, 2011

African Albinos Being Hacked Up for Body Parts

African Albinos Being Hacked Up for Body Parts

You saw it briefly on Harry's Law the other night, but did you think it was real, because it was on a sitcom?  It actually is real.  African albinos are hunted down, held and their arms, legs, hair, heart and yes their genitals and  other body parts are hacked off of them and sold to witch doctors to give to people for good luck.  It is as gruesome as it sounds and it is very VERY real.

African Albino
So what is the American government doing?  Clearly this is a crime against humanity.  Right?  Isn't this what all the white people cry about when why eastern europeans kill other white eastern europeans?  Didn't they give amnesty to all of those white eastern europeans and pay for them to fly to america?  What about these African albinos?  Oh, nothing, not even a peep out of the government.  Make no mistake we are still paying to transport millions of white europeans into this country, to this very day, and noone says anything about it.  With our economy in the dumps, we are transporting healthy, NOT IN DANGER, white people into our country, on OUR DIME.  Africans are being hacked up to bits and not a peep out of our government.  Hell, they won't even drop free food over there.

This is happening all along the eastern coast of Africa.  Yet the news, except for Aljazeera, is completely silent on the subject.

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