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Nevada Family Court Corruption (Guest Post)

Openly Gay Man Denied Parental Rights by Family Court Judge

Shawn Sr. and Jr.
Beginning in 2004 with the threat and warning by Dr. Louis F. Mortillaro, a Court Appointed Therapist of Judge Gloria Sanchez of the Clark County Family Courts to the blackmail of Shawn A. Evans, Sr. by Attorney Carol A. Menninger, it has been discovered that the Family Courts in their corruption has permanently alienated a child from his loving and caring father.

In 1998 Shawn A. Evans and Lisa V. Evans divorced when Lisa realized that she could not change her husband. Shawn was a professed gay man as he had informed his wife before they were even married. She decided to marry him any ways and on February 16, 1995 the two married in the Mormon Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada.

By 2008 Shawn decided he could no longer live the lie and no matter how much counseling they went through the couple decided to end their three year marriage. That is when the alienation began.

At the onslaught of separating son from father, Lisa hit Shawn with a barrage of harassment and getting him fired from every job. She told him that she wanted him to give up his parental rights of his son on many occasions. When after two years of this treatment Lisa realized that she couldn’t get him to give up; she concocted a story that Shawn had kidnapped her and their, than three and a half year old son at gun point. Long story short, Shawn received 24-72 months in Nevada State Prison of which he served 40 Months.

Father and Son at Pool
Upon being released from Prison and trying to make a new life for him and was trying to reunify with his son, Lisa concocted once again story after story to have him thrown back into prison. In 2004 it was that Shawn was involved in child pornography that it was while the couple was still married in 2007. Lisa did not use this information against Shawn during the divorce or even while he was being released from prison. She used it to try to have him thrown back into prison when she realized that he was not going away. Lisa was permanently trying to alienate the father and son.

In 2004 Judge Gloria Sanchez of the Clark County Family Courts appointed Dr. Louis F. Mortillaro to assist in the unification process. What Shawn will never forget was the threat from Dr. Mortillaro that he if obtained an attorney to protect his rights that Dr. Mortillaro would guarantee that Shawn would never be happy. He didn’t think that the doctor would be so unethical as to actually make good on his promise.

Lisa accused Shawn of Child Pornography which caused him a nervous breakdown and eventually a heart attack and destroyed his relationship. When Shawn still wouldn’t back down, she accused him of molesting his son and beating him with a belt. Which caused him another nervous breakdown and he ended up loosing his job his vehicle and even his home. Being that Lisa was both Mormon and knowing that he was gay, she felt that the gay aspect of the claim that he had molested his son would convince the courts to take away his parental rights. Both she and her husband Darryl Sibley referred to both Shawn and his partner as “faggots”. Darryl even stated so in Dr. Mortillaro’s office.

Lisa was aware that Shawn has a heart condition; while they were married he had complained several times of severe chest pains and had even been hospitalized for it in the past and this is what Lisa’s attempt was now; to cause him to have another heart attack if not death. While Shawn was in prison Lisa had informed their son of young and impressionable age that his father had tried to kill her and that he instead was dead. Now that Shawn was trying to get back in to his sons life Lisa had to cover her lies and changed the story that his father had abandoned him.

Shawn Sr.
When Lisa realized that her attorney D. Bruce Anderson wouldn’t bend to her will and accuse Shawn of molesting his son and other atrocious acts she sought out an attorney who would. Carol A. Menninger has been Lisa’s attorney since 2007. She has assisted Lisa in violating court orders for visitation, and even perjured herself in Family Court. When Shawn brought this to the attention of both Rob Bare and Philip J. Pattee of the State Bar of Nevada, they both stated that Carol Menninger did nothing wrong that her actions in being a zealous attorney for her client did not mount to anything unethical. Even perjury, suborning perjury and blackmail are all ethical practices of an Attorney.

Through out the four years that Carol Menninger has been Lisa’s attorney, they have succeeded in permanently alienating the father and son; Shawn A. Evans, Sr. and Shawn A. Evans, Jr. to a point that Shawn Jr. has decided to take his mothers maiden name as his name and has sent his father many hateful and nasty emails and texts, which Shawn believes were orchestrated by Lisa herself.

Lisa has taught the couple’s son that your word means nothing and that you can do what ever you want to anyone and that there will be no consequences. Judge Gloria Sanchez, Judge Pomrenze as well as Dr. Mortillaro and Attorney Carol Menninger have a enforced that teaching.

In 2008, Carol Menninger and Lisa filed an emergency motion to go back to court. Carol Menninger is aware that if you file an emergency hearing that you do not need to give the other party time to respond and/or to retain counsel.

On August 22, 2008 Shawn found himself in court on an emergency motion that Lisa had to take their son to Arizona for work. Shawn had already filed an injunction against Lisa ever moving Shawn Jr. out of state. The information is that Lisa knew she was going to be going to Arizona for approximately 3 months in advance. When Lisa left court it was said that Shawn Jr and her husband Darryl were waiting in the parking lot with their belongings already loaded and ready to go.

Shawn Sr.
In the court room when Shawn realized that he was losing his son for good after a long battle through the trenches of the unethical and corrupt family courts, he collapsed in the court room. At that point Carol Menninger stood over Shawn’s body and remarked, I want a paramedic to make sure he isn’t faking.

Carol Menninger knew that they were going to be going. Apparently Carol Menninger and Judge Pomrenze had made prior arrangements to the hearing and Carol Menninger assured Lisa that they would be allowed to go.

Judge Pomrenze even stated in open court that this did not constitute an emergency yet she let the hearing proceed anyway. Furthermore she allowed Lisa to relocate with the couple’s child to Arizona. That night Shawn once again found himself in the hospital from yet another heart attack.

The next morning after awaking in the hospital Shawn reached for his cell phone and saw that he had a text from his son. It was “I am going to miss you” it wasn’t “I love you” what it was is “Hey Psycho” apparently Lisa had informed her son what had happened in court and they had a good laugh about it, that was when Shawn Jr. sent the text to his father

Upon being able to relocate to Arizona Lisa was ordered to at least once a week dial Shawn’s cell phone number and when he answered the phone to hand the phone to their son and to at least once a week make sure that Shawn Jr. sent his father an email letting him know how he was doing. That never happened. When Shawn complained to Lisa and contacted Lisa’s attorney Carol Menninger; who most likely advised Lisa that she was out of the courts Jurisdiction that she didn’t have to follow the order any longer and that she didn’t have to allow Shawn Jr. contact with his father. However, Lisa took it to a level higher than any one could expect. Lisa complained to her twelve-year-old son, as she had for many years already, that his father was trying to cause trouble for her. Shawn Jr. in turn sent his father many hateful emails about him not being his father. Shawn believes these were all orchestrated by Lisa herself. That would not be the first time. In 2007 Judge Sanchez was sent a letter addressed from Shawn Jr. It was in a sealed envelop. Upon receiving it in court Judge Sanchez told Shawn that either he goes back into counseling or she would have be forced to have to open the letter. Shawn stated that he wanted to know what was in the letter. It was a typed letter and signed like it was by some professional. Words were underlined, highlighted and bolded. Judge Sanchez stated that this letter did not come from a child. That it had to have been written by an adult. Shawn didn’t have to go once again in counseling, however Judge Sanchez once again failed to admonish Lisa for her attempts to pull the wool over the courts eyes and to further alienate Shawn from his son.

Father and Son 5 Years Earlier
Due to [the fact] that Shawn demanded that Judge Sanchez recuse herself from his case, that she was either corrupt or she didnt have know how to run a court room or both. Judge Sanchez simply laughed in Shawn’s face and stated that she didnt feel there was a reason to and that he could do what ever he wanted. How ever a month later, Judge Sanchez did recuse herself after Shawn came out with an article about Judge Sanchez and Carol Menninger being strange bedfellows. Judge Sanchez stated that it was because Shawn had threatened her. Yet Shawn was never contacted by neither the police nor the District Attorneys Office. Shawn states to this date that he knows Carol Menninger was most likely paying off Judge Sanchez for her rulings.

In 2010 Lisa once again contacted Shawn and told him that she wanted to move with their son to Texas, for work she said. Shawn denied her and filed a motion on an order shortening time. In his reasons for the motion he stated that he was concerned that Lisa, who was already in violation of court orders for contact and visitation was once again going to violate the order and that she was never going to see his son again, Judge William Henderson denied the Order Shortening Time. Yet Carol Menninger file an Order Shortening Time stating that Lisa had to get to Texas for work. Judge Henderson granted the Order Shortening Time.

Shawn feels that there is a pattern here of corruption that the State Bar of Nevada refuses to recognize or maybe the State Bar of Nevada is being paid not to.

Carol sent her assistant Gary to see Shawn to give him his copy of the motions. In the motions it was stated that if they went to court that Carol Menninger was going to ask Judge Henderson to incarcerate Shawn until his Child Support Arrears were caught up. Shawn was not going back to prison so he agreed to let Lisa and his son go to Texas feeling that he was coerced into doing so with the fear of having to go back to prison.

Before leaving, Shawn, Lisa and their son all came to an agreement that Lisa would encourage their son to make contact with Shawn at least once a week and to send school picture. As soon as Lisa and Shawn Jr. were out of state and the jurisdiction once again of the courts they refused to honor their side of the agreement. And once again Shawn Jr. is sending his father hateful emails about changing his name and even stating that he is a black hole to his father and that his father will never see him again.

Shawn has brought this to the attention of the District Attorneys Office and has asked him to investigate the matter. David Rogers the Clark County District Attorney refuses to respond much less investigate the matter. Plans to contact Brian Sandoval and ask for a special committee to investigate the claims of corruption in this matter are underway and the Governors office has already been contact.

To be kept up to date as to the progress or lack there of this investigation and story contact Shawn at

About the author
I am the President and Founder of PASSAGE a nonprofit organization that assists individuals in the family courts and those that are being alienated from their children and the children alienated from their parents.

This was a guest post.  Very little editing was done on my part, as it was a guest post.

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