Wednesday, October 6, 2010

War on Drugs = War on Blacks

Jailing Black Men

Black Men in Jail
The nightly news comes on. It has 6 segments.  Two of the segments are dedicated to sports and weather.  The other four segments are dedicated to indoctrinating our society into thinking a certain way.  Chief among these propaganda strategies is the ongoing notion that Black people are criminal.  Across the board, without a shadow of a doubt, Black people are less criminal than any other racial group.  Study after study shows that Black men are less criminal and less violent than their white counterparts.   However, on the nightly news there is an 85% chance that one or even two segments will be dedicated to showing a story of a Black criminal, not a citizen who's been arrested, but a complete criminal.  The news portrays the Black man as a savage beast that definitely needs to be jailed.

So complete is this brainwashing, that Americanized Africans, themselves, are starting to believe it.  I have heard church ladies say without blinking, "those negros ain't no good, they should be locked up anyway."  But, I ask you, locked up for what?

If Black men are less likely to be criminal, and less likely to be violent, then on what grounds are they being jailed?

The War on Black Men

with permission from BET
When the 70s hit, the country was still in turmoil over the Vietnam war and in the throws of pain over the civil rights marches.  A survey was done to ask who was the chief proponent of unrest in America.  Categorically, all white people said Americanized Africans were the cause of all the turmoil.  Americanized Africans were even blamed for the Vietnam protest march on Washington, which was nearly entirely white.

The president and prison businesses across the land concocted a plan to land the Americanized African soundly and squarely in jail.  Enter the "war on drugs".   There were already anti-drug laws, but now the new policy was to vehemently go after drugs.  Mind you, this zealous policy to go after drugs, was only at the street level.  I have read report after report, that the importation of drugs is done none other than by the white house, congress and senate itself.  The amount of drugs imported into this country is a staggering number, that would be incapable of being done without, not only the consent of the U.S. government, but the full and supportive cooperation of the U.S. government.  But, all my sources can only say it is logical conjecture.  [probably in order not to get sued or harassed]

With the war on drugs being kicked off, new sentencing started coming down.  Mandatory sentencing for drug associated charges, were implemented.  Who ultimately benefits from this?  The population? No, for the most part, drugs at the street level are not an anti-social endeavor, as compared to robbery and murder.  In fact, one could say drugs are a very social thing.  The tendency is to do drugs WITH other people, not without.  And, contrary to what the mass media tells you, drugs and violence are a rare thing.  Most actual drug violence, happens at a much much higher level than at the street level.  Also, most drugs are consumed inside someone's home and not on the street. [the chic drugs are consumed mainly in party situations i.e. clubs or parties, and overwhelmingly by white people, not people with color]

The majority of the attention shifted to incarcerating the Americanized African.  Where there were very few Blacks in jails at the time, the Black population in jails across America skyrockted.  Blacks went from institutional lows to record breaking highs.  Where blacks were fairly represented in jails across the U.S., they were now becoming 1/4th, 1/3rd, and even 51% of the entire prison population.  This is where it stands today.

Absolutely noone stands up and says what is being done is unconstitutional and criminal.  Everyone is making billions of dollars, who are involved at the higher levels.  The Americanized African is being thrown in jail over drugs.  They are also facing mandatory sentencing, unconstitutional, and staying in jail much much longer.

Mandatory Sentencing

Most Blacks are Jailed on Drug Related Charges
You have to understand, that a majority of these criminal charges involve extremely trivial matters.  A Black man is picked up, searched and a personal amount is found on his person [or planted in quite a few cases].  At court he is sentenced, by mandate, to years and years in jail.  When released, if he is ever found to have drugs on him again, that is far more many years.

Let's give you a scenario that is equal to this.  A Black man is found to have stolen a candy bar from a warehouse parking lot.  He goes to court.  The judge gives him seven years as his sentence.  Upon release, he is hungry again and steals a loaf of bread but is picked up.  He goes to court.  The judge, then gives him 15 years in jail.

This is exactly what is being done across the U.S. on a daily basis, but instead of a candy bar stolen off a warehouse parking lot, in the middle of nowhere, that could be written off without even a thought to it, the "crime" is someone about to go home and do drugs in their living room and go to sleep.

What people don't realize is that we all do "drugs" nearly every day and all day.  Drugs being, a substance you take that alters your state of mind, or body chemistry to achieve an effect: sleepiness, euphoria, relaxation, energy.  Even the president mentioned that drugs should not be criminalized.

The news always portrays legalizing drugs  as leading to anarchy and mass vehicular manslaughter.  But, what they leave out is that huge segments of the population already do drugs and there is none of this anarchy nor mass vehicular manslaughter.  But, we can assume that the media takes this position [which uh journalists aren't supposed to take a position, but so much for being impartial eh?] because they are fed that position by big business, who owns them.

It has been game, set, match for the Black man in America.  An overwhelming majority of Black men are incarcerated on drug related charges.  If you decriminalized drug use, jails would empty out of Black men.  Billions upon billions of U.S. dollars would be lost immediately by the U.S. government, state and local governments and private jails and prisons across the U.S.

The war on drugs has been done simply to execute the Black man.  Nothing more.

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