Sunday, October 31, 2010

Never Get Another DUI

Beating the Cops at Their Own Game

If you've been following along, in this blog, you know that I have a sweet spot in my heart of hearts for pi ... uh co .... uh ociffers of the law.  I have time and time again told you how, through diligence, hard work and sheer intelligence, the popo have thwarted major top brass criminals and brought them to justice through expert police work.  I have tirelessly pointed out how they are NOT corporate shills, enforcing made up laws, for the sole purpose of throwing countless Americans in jail, simply to generate money for private corporate jails across the land.

Case in point, DUI.  Everyone knows that we definitely needed an entire separate legal system and laws for people who drive their cars and hit people... wait, I mean people who drive their cars and hurt people ... wait, I mean people who drive their cars and are erratic  ... and uh, were drinking?  Hmmm!  We needed separate laws for people who drive their cars and could possibly hurt people?  Wait, we needed separate laws for people who had their back tail light about to go out, and were stopped by police, and smelled of alcohol and the police psychically knew they were going to hurt someone, just cuz?  No no no, I got it!  We needed separate laws for people who the police psychically knew could possibly, potentially hurt someone, since they smelled ... kinda ... of alcohol "wink wink" and thus we needed to throw out the constitution and demand MANDATORY SENTENCES for them.  THERE WE GO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

So, obviously I'm being sarcastic.  There is, was, never had been a need for additional laws for people driving who hurt people, regardless of their alledged smelling of alcohol, other than the police being the lap dogs of private corporate prisons who definitely need more money.  DUI is a scam, plain and simple.

So, what can I do for you?  Buy your own breathalyzer.  You want to beat police at their own game?  Breathalyze yourself before they do, so you know exactly what your B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) is.  When everyone was getting stupid speeding tickets, that they knew were bogus, they bought radar detectors.  Now, people who know that DUI is the number one way police departments and local governments generate tons of cash from their citizens are buying their own breathalyzer.


People never got another DUI after buying their own breathalyzer.  It's easy to carry and you should never leave home without it.  You never know when someone will call you to ask you to stop by and have a drink.  The legal limit in all 50 states is now 0.08% B.A.C.  There's no reason to ever get another DUI, when you can purchase this device.  Having  DUI on your record is a kick in the balls, and it destroys so many people's lives.  It's a shame that so many college students, freshly turned 21, promptly get a DUI and ruin their lives immediately.  Heck, buy one for your kid if he's in college yourself. 

Stop burying your head in the sand and wake up to what's going on out there.  The police are out there to get as much money from you as they can.  Do not give them a chance to get you on DUI.

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