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For Blacks: Heirlooms Not Hand Me Downs

Second Hand is Never Bad

Second Hand Clothes
If your grandmother or grandfather gave you their car that they have had for twenty years, the average person would turn their nose up at such a thing.  In this article I want to show Black people how the rich, and by rich I mean filthy McNasty rich, keep the rest of us in the poor house, in terms of brain-washing us into thinking hand-me-downs are a bad or even terrible thing.

My father died when I was, oh not even had all my teeth come in yet.  My mother, luckily, was a pretty important person and could afford everything.  However, how she grew up never left her, and she tended to complain about things, although they didn't really affect us, namely clothing me.  So you know, although she complained, she had the money.  She was just so used to such abject poverty that she couldn't understand that, although she made X number of dollars a year, shoes cost $20 / $30 / $40 bucks for a kid.  Let's back up and see how she grew up.

My mother was the middle child of 15 children.  That's right, 15 children!  She did not have the luxury of going shopping for fall school clothing.  In fact, I don't believe they ever went shopping for clothes at all.  She did not own a pair of shoes, until the 6th grade.  All her clothes, including Sunday dresses, were all hand-me-downs from her older sisters.  And, those dresses were hand sewn by my grandmother anyway.  [ When I went to live with my grandmother for a year, she made me three suits from scratch, and she never took a measurement. ]

Now let's think about the situation.  All my mother's life, all her clothes were worn by her older sisters, and she in turn handed down those same clothes to her younger sisters.  Nowhere did they ever go shopping for school clothes.  Imagine for a second, you moms and dads, never going clothes shopping for your children.  Now, I want you to actually sit down and calculate 18 years, including the baby years, of how much money you would KEEP if you never had to buy a single piece of clothes for your children, nor shoes.

Let's go back to my original scenario of your grandparents giving you their car.  In this case I have a real live scenario.  My girl friend [ just a friend ] who is white, got her car from her mother, who bought a new car.  She turned around and gave her younger brother her truck.  Let's give their ages: the mother is ... probably in her 50s; my girl friend is 39; and her brother is 18.  So the brother goes to college with a truck.  He doesn't have to pay anything for it, except the taxes [ taxes includes insurance, which is just another tax ] and gas.  My girl friend doesn't have to pay anything for her car either.  Only the mother, and I assume father, have to buy the new car, but they are both in a much better position to do that, than either of the "kids".

Wealth Preservation

Heirloom Clothing
This is exactly what Black people are missing.  So many Black people are sold on the idea that they are individuals and what's mine is mine and what's yours is yours.  You will find that the higher up the economic food chain you climb, the less and less that statement is true, to the point that at the top of the economic food chain [ the real rich people ] there is not even a concept of "my sons have to go out and get their own job and house and money".  When the elite have children, they are simple their family.  Forever!  The son or daughter simply sits in the captain's chair when the father dies.

They don't move out.  They don't get their own house.  They don't buy their own car.  They don't pay rent.  They don't divide the family resources and give it to someone else.

That last statement is the key to it all.  Once you understand that your family simply expands with the addition of children, and weddings and grandchildren, you understand that your wealth must be maintained forever.  That wealth comes from the resources your family [ whole family ] has at their disposal.  A child [adult child] that would leave the house and go buy another house or rent an apartment and buy a car is virtually throwing away resources.

I was talking to a family member and they said, "you know us Black folk can't live together, we need our own space."  It is a completely false statement.  Black people have been living with each other for thousands upon thousands of years.  The Black sense of the family unit was intact until they started "integration".

With integration, the evils of advertisement took hold of the Black family.  In an effort to get EVERYONE to buy things, the definition of what it is to be American kept being redefined, redefined, to the point it now means, get your own house / car / stuff.  Buy buy buy!

Black people are 50% poorer than white people.  We cannot afford to buy buy buy.  We need to take home the message of wealth preservation.  We need to maintain the family unit forever.

The Real Hand-Me-Downs

Here's a brief list of things that would change your life if your parents or grandparents gave them to you, instead of you having to buy them.

  • cars
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • purses
  • houses
  • land
  • china ware
  • pots and pans and skillets
  • kitchen knives
  • tables
  • chairs
  • furniture
  • tools
  • suits
  • wedding gowns
  • jewelry
  • gold
  • silver
  • coin collections
  • business
If you had your parents live with you, or grandparents and you virtually inherited their household, you would preserve so much wealth, just in terms of things, that it would kick you up several notches in wealth.  This is not to say, go steal your parents things.  This is to say, rethink your entire lifestyle.  If you have several households that your family is paying for, stop it.  Your children shouldn't move out of your house, until they get married and their spouse forces them to move.  Even then, if they get married, they can still live with you.

Big Black Family
This stupid notion that children should move out of the house, was nothing more than businesses changing people's viewpoint to get them to buy buy buy.  Noone, no racial group, ever thought children should move out the house at 18.  It is a virtually new concept.  And, it is just a marketing ploy.  They keep reinforcing it, because they have to.  It is not natural for a caring parent, who loves their children, to all of a sudden say, "ok junior, get out".  They continuously bombard us with the idea that children should get out of the house, in movies, commercials, Oprah.

To have something, you have to keep something.  Even the poorest worker in America, if they kept all of their paychecks, has 1 million dollars go through his hands.  Imagine if that worker saved every penny he possibly could.  Then, his son saved his.  By the time the grandchild rolls around, the family is soundly rich.  But, you can't do that buying 10 cars in your lifetime.  You can't do that buying 4 houses in your lifetime.  You can't do that shopping for school clothes for fall and summer every year.  You can't do that buying cheap Chinese plates that chip and break every 2 years.  You can't do that buying pots that are so thin they burn every 2 years.  You can't do that paying for a baby sitter, or daycare that costs more than what your wife makes at her job.  [fool]  You can't do that sending your dumb kid to college, which you can't afford, and neither can he, going into debt, when he could have gone to a vocational school or professional school and come out making the family twice as much as the father.  You can't do that by sending your kid to college, only to turn around and get a job making some else rich, instead of opening up a family business or practice.

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