Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invitation to Participate in My Blog: Shakaama Live

I Invite You to Speak Out

This seems long overdue. But, there is method to my madness. I wanted to first make sure people were actually reading my blog before I sent out and invitation to participate. A preacher can't preach to empty pews can he? You can't have a sumptuous dinner party with no guests can you? So, I made sure that I had people reading my blog first, and quite a few numbers, before I send out my invitation.

I'm sure by now you might be hesitating thinking I'm going to ask you for some mad science experiment. Nothing could be further from the truth, so rest easy. I am all American, normal, boring and mundane down to my elbows.

If you can tell however, so far, from my blog, I like to speak out about issues. I like to explain what is going on behind the scenes. If you don't know, half the world is owned by nearly 12 people. All of the news, and the news sources are owned by 1 person. Pharmaceutical companies lobby and pressure congress and other governments to pass laws and go to that one person that owns all the news, to scare you into taking drugs THAT ARE COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE. The food industry is owned by only a few people. Nearly all of the meat is slaughtered in one place. That means if one cow / pig / chicken is sick, then the entire western hemisphere will catch it. McDonalds, super markets, expensive restaurants all get their meat from the same exact place.

I invite you to participate and open up a dialogue with me. I welcome your comments. If you are an average citizen, know that I am looking out for you. If you are Black, know that I am looking out for you. But, if you are a part of the problem: big pharma; big food; big farm; corporate shill; corporate news; lobbyist; political pundit from the 1 party system, I invite you to comment, but know I will point out who you are and point out why not to listen to you.

Unfortunately, for those who wish to comment on my blog simply to get traffic to their website/blog I don't have time. I have actually opened up all comments so they do indeed track back to your website/blog or link. You will get complete credit and link juice from any links you post in your comments. However, you MUST provide something to the discussion AT HAND. I don't mind helping you out, but leave something at the table when you come to the table.

What's This All About?

You know I love lists, so here is the list of things I'd like from you:

  • Politics - I would love your comments about my political news. If you agree or even disagree. Let me know you're alive and breathing. There is no way I am providing the same drone news in politics that everyone else is. They wouldn't dare say Obama is the same as Bush. They wouldn't dare say all of Obama's cabinet members are owned by Goldman Sachs and that's why the stimulus packages are all going to wall stree, evne the ones that say are coming to us, is a lie and just going to wall street. There is no way the corporate media would tell you the truth. Just because Fox News doesn't hide the fact they are lying to you, do you really think the rest aren't lying?
  • Whistle Blowers - I invite you to blow the whistle on companies you know or suspect are being underhanded and just out to make a buck. I will research the company and get back to you with my findings. I also present information or blow the whistle on companies I find are just out to make a buck. Understand people, these companies these days are so divorced from you that they don't care if what they are selling you KILLS YOU. It is that far gone. This especially applies to drug companies. If 1 million people died from their vaccine, they wouldn't care. All they would care about is that you paid for 1 million vaccines in this past quarter and made them mega profits.
  • Black Issues - I invite you to reveal how the media is lying about Black Americans day in and day out. The media again and again comes up with negative information about Black men, in particular, and Black Americans in general. For instance, I was under the impression that Black fathers do not see / visit / pay for or spend time with their illegitimate children. After researching the topic, I found studies already done that showed that the opposite is true and that the negative assertion is completely false. Black fathers of illegitimate children spend more time, and money, per capita, with their children than any other racial group. This is just an example of what corporate media is doing to destroy the African American Community. I invite you to share your own research, and make sure you list your source so all the readers can see for themselves.
  • Black Relationships - I invite your input of either why you love or dislike other Black men or women. Note that, this blog is not hear to deal with homosexuality. I am not equipped to even deal with that subject, so I stress that you only present heterosexual information. We are in a world of hurt in Black relationships already, we don't need the added stress of homosexuality to deal with. Black relationships are under attack in the media and in the street. Again, through my research I found that divorce amongst our Black brothers and sisters is not outrageous at all. I found that there is not this vast majority of children being born illegitimately in the Black community. Once again, this is the media doing this. And, universities are assuming its true and running with the lie to try and research it. And, when they don't find it to be true, instead of presenting the findings, they question themselves or think their findings are wrong.
  • The Constitution of the United States of America - I invite you to comment, question or inquire about stories that violate your constitutional rights. Understand, that now if you tell a police officer that he /she is violating your constitutional right, instead of them taking a step back and reflecting on what you said, they have been instructed to bring you in as a possible terrorist and threat to national security. They have even removed the law which prohibited the military from being used inside the U.S. and now the military can come in and quell U.S. citizens i.e. demonstrations, even peaceful ones. I invite you to discuss, share or ask about such violations.
  • You Health - I have another blog http://gainmuscleslosefat.blogspot.com/Gain Muscle Lose Fat that strictly deals with your health and health related issues. You may have noticed a lack of pharmaceutical or political discussions surrounding it. Those have all been moved to that blog and I welcome your comments and input there. It's not only for bodybuilders but it is also for health in general. And, I do discuss how the pharmaceutical companies are lying to us, just to get us to buy their drugs more. I also discuss how big farms are killing us with their horrible food practices.
  • Your Money - I have another blog http://marketbiznews.blogspot.com/Market Biz News that deals strictly with Money, the stock market, U.S. financial political policy. Depending on how long you've been reading my blog, I have moved all those stories over there. I welcome your input and comments. Know that you are being hounded day and night to spend spend spend. You don't need to spend anything, except your bills. If you eat healthy and exercise you won't need any of the drugs that are being peddled, YES PEDDLED, to you. Modern medicine's only saving grace is their trauma and emergency systems. If you have an injury /burn / accident, hands down U.S. medicine is your saving grace and no other country can beat us at it. However, health concerns are bought and paid for. Congress is bought and paid for. Wall street has their hand not just in the governments back pocket, but down the front and back of their pants, and they have a firm grip and they don't intend to let go, at least without a fight. Can you blame them? They have a good thing going. They have the entire nation that can give them money just by having their buddies in Washington pass legislation. I invite you to go there and share your stories about the financial woes and bewares there.
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you can tell I sincerely care about all Americans in general and Black Americans in particular. Black people are not free in America and neither are the rest of the working POOR. You do know that, that's what you are, the working poor or working class. There is no middle class. There never was... Oh that might be harsh. There was a middle class a long time ago, when people owned their own houses and had their own businesses. There was not this mass notion of having a "job". You grew up and either worked the farm, if that's where you lived, or helped run the store. The only people with jobs were the poor people or the true professionals. So, what happened? More and more people migrated to the cities and ... they kept looking to the government to provide for them. And, it was like a catch 22. The more people came, the more they demanded, so all these jobs were created out of thin air. The smart people put all the poor people to work. And, that's the real story of America.

I want to smack people around and show them what happened to their country. "Leave it to Beaver" is a lie. If that show were reality, every episode would be "how are we going to pay for this" this week. And by the end of the show it would have been "you gotta go to work honey". I'm not saying people shouldn't have moved to the city. I'm saying they shouldn't have looked to the government for a hand out or to solve their own personal problems. How can you move somewhere without a plan? Now everyone cries that government is too big. You made your own bed.

I want to wake people up and let them see what is going on. If you have ever sat home vegging out to the t.v. after a hard day at work, in which you get paid peanuts, and wondered, is this it? then this is the blog where you can wake up. The matrix really does have you.

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