Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Putting NAMI on Blast for Fraud

The National Alliance of Mental Illness is a Pharmaceutical Front

NAMI [National Alliance of Mental Illness] pretends to be a consumer advocate for mental health. When in fact they are just a front for the pharmaceutical companies [big pharma]. They are trying to corner the market on being THE voice for consumer advocacy on mental illness. Why? So that all citizens who are concerned about mental illness will only look to them and no one else. Once they have centralized their power and become the only game in town they will then carry out the agenda of big pharma. Here is the strategy.

  1. pretend to be an independent "grassroots" consumer advocate for mental illness
  2. require membership to participate in their group
  3. pretend to require donations from everyone on the basis of continuing their "cause"
  4. advocate at every instance that the only option to treat mental illness is *TADA* PHARMACEUTICALS
  5. have lobbyist in congress *gasp*
  6. lobby congress to pass legislation in favor of *TADA* PHARMACEUTICALS
  7. have satellite locations in every state capitol

I ask you, what consumer group do you know that can be so vast that it has a branch office in every state capitol [i.e. located where the state legislatures are *GASP*]

Let's take a look at their policies. Could any of their policies go against big pharma? Let's look at the very hot and contentious issue of autism.

For those of you not in the know, autism is directly related to children having to take vaccinations. Many medical scientist, researchers and studies have shown:

"there is no efficacy in any vaccination on the market to date". That means that all the vaccinations do absolutely nothing. They don't protect your child, nor you. They don't stop your child from becoming ill. They don't lessen the possibility of your child becoming ill.
However, what they have found is from the products in the vaccinations: mercury, preservatives and live cultures of diseases

  1. children are being exposed to the very illness they are trying to prevent
  2. mercury in the vaccine causes all sorts of neurological disorders, brain lesions AND autism
  3. the other preservatives are just as worse, only slightly less powerful, than the mercury. If these preservatives don't get your kid, the mercury does

Scientific study after scientific study has shown those 3 points to be true without any possibility of another explanation. In fact countless lawsuits have stipulated that these vaccines are the source of autism.

What is NAMI's take on this? Well let's take a look right at their own website:

There is no known direct cause of the disorders, which is one of the reasons why ASDs continue to remain elusive to doctors in the field. ASDs are complex disorders and have remained relatively inaccessible for study. It can be said with great certainty, however, that autism is not the direct cause of a psychological disturbance caused by detached or uncaring “refrigerator” mothers, as once suggested in the 1940s by Dr. Bruno Bettleheim. There is also significant evidence from large-scale studies that refute the proposed link between thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used in the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism.

How can ADHD be treated?

Many treatments -- some with good scientific basis, some without -- have been recommended for individuals with ADHD. The most proven treatments are medication and behavioral therapy.


Stimulants are the most widely used drugs for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The four most commonly used stimulants are methylphenidate (Ritalin), dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine, Desoxyn), amphetamine and dextroamphetamine (Adderall).

Studies have shown that Ritalin has been the cause of suicide; and homicidal behavior. In fact medical science has shown that all medication for treating any mental condition has increased:
  • suicide rates
  • homicide rates
  • depression rates
  • more severe mental illness
The very thing that the medication is proporting to treat actually elevates it. They found such cases as Columbine, that the kids involved in those shootings and take over of that school were on mental medication. Countless law suits over mental medication and suicide have been filed against drug companies.

Nowhere on NAMI's website does it advocate:
  • diagnosis of vitamin deficiencies
  • taking vitamins to remove those deficiencies
Yet in their own literature NAMI puts up warnings about the drugs because they know that they are untested and can cause major damage.

"Every person reacts to treatment differently, so it is important to work closely and communicate openly with your physician. Some common side effects of stimulant medications include weight loss, decreased appetite, trouble sleeping, and, in children, a temporary slowness in growth; however, these reactions can often be controlled by dosage adjustments. Medication has proven effective in the short-term treatment of more than 76 percent of individuals with ADHD."

In my opinion NAMI is nothing more than a front for big pharmaceutical companies. They receive their advice from them on how to lobby and whena and where to lobby. The only advice they give is take drugs.

Clearly this group is not a grass roots advocacy group. Clearly this group is not for the common citizen. Clearly this group is not here to help mental help or end any illness.

I detest anyone that, under the guise of being nice and kind, gets into an elevated position and then abuses the very people that believed in them and helped them get into that position. Drugs are not the answer to long term treatment. I have said this before, 90% of the illnesses that we have are due to deficiencies. Your body is robust. Your body heals itself. It was made to do that by design. Those pain medication that you can take over the counter operate on that principal. They allow your conscious mind to not concentrate on the pain so that your body can heal itself. I would caution against even over the counter medications, because they are the prescription drugs of yesterday.

Instead of going to your doctor and asking for a pill, ask your doctor for a complete and thourough battery of tests to determine what vitamin deficiencies you have. Then you buy organic sources of those vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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