Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Washington Officer Pleads Not Guilty to Shooting a Man in the Back 7 Times

Wash. Officer Pleads not Guilty to Manslaughter

EVERETT, Wash. — An Everett police officer charged with manslaughter for shooting a drunken driving suspect has pleaded not guilty in Snohomish County Superior Court.

The Everett Herald reports Officer Troy Meade remained free without bail after Thursday’s plea, under orders not to leave the state or possess weapons.

Prosecutors say he was not justified in shooting Niles Meservey, 51 years old [pictured above], of Stanwood last June in the parking lot of a restaurant.

Other customers reported Meservey was intoxicated. Investigators believe Meade was attempting to prevent him from driving away in his Corvette.

Meservey had been shocked with a stun gun and had rammed a chain-link fence when Meade fired through the rear window, hitting him seven times.

The DUI Scam and Scare

This is retarded. This is absolutely ridiculous. What you ask? I looked up the numbers for DUI vs all traffic vs pedestrian accidents vs motorcycles. Guess who came in last? Guess who didn't even make the national bar? Guess who they didn't even want to report? DUI!

Let's look at the numbers:

  • 2.9 million injured in car wrecks due to: lack of seat belt; driver inattentiveness; running red lights
  • 3,662 motorcycle deaths: due to lack of helmets; other driver inattentiveness
  • 4,749 pedestrian deaths: due to other driver inattentiveness
Ok you ready for the DUI numbers?

  • 17,103 alcohol related ACCIDENTS: not deaths; not injuries. Just the accident itself. Now if you scroll back through my blog you'll see I discussed the word ALCOHOL RELATED. That's a euphemism for something that sounds like one thing but means another.
Alcohol Related:

  1. does not mean there was a test for alcohol by anyone involved in the accident; does not mean anyone was intoxicated; does not mean anyone was under the suspicion of being intoxicated; does not mean anyone was visibly intoxicated.
  2. means that there was the presence of alcohol at the scene of the accident
  3. means that alcohol could have been present inside the passenger compartment.
  4. means that alcohol could have been present inside the trunk of the car
  5. means that alcohol could have been present in either vehicle including the victim of the accident.
Ok just so everyone understands: when they say "17,103 alcohol related ACCIDENTS", it literally could mean that there was a closed, sealed, just purchased, unopened container of some form of alcohold somewhere in either vehicle, OR EVEN INCLUDING A PEDESTRIAN, and they did not perform any DUI screening test whatsoever, they will write it down as an alcohol related accident.

They would not release the nationwide DUI deaths. How can they? They lie about the accidents, so can they pencil in a number of deaths that are alcohol related?

So let's compare 2.9 million to 17,103. No let me make it quite visible

  • 2,900,000
  • 17,103
If you have a calculator, you can see immediately that DUI accidents... WAIT, no no no, alcohol related accidents. DUI accidents are an even smaller number than the alcohol related accidents. I don't have that number. They won't release it. A DUI accident would be an accident, where they actually tested and tried to prosecute someone in connection to the DUI laws. The number would probably number in the hundreds. Be that as it may, just by looking at the numbers we do have, the alcohol related accidents compared to overall accidents is .0058975. That means it's not even 1%.

This Lunatic Cop Shoots the Man in the Back

This is getting way out of hand. Just by the sheer numbers, DUI accidents nationwide aren't even remotely in the top 10 causes of accident or death while driving. The fear mongers that have demonized DUI as some huge out of control factor in America are simply doing it to make money. There is no reality to DUI being something that we need fear and smite from our roads. The danger that DUI posses to loss of life is less than pedestrians who cross the street inattentively. Yet we are not passing harsh punishments for those pedestrians. If anyone with half a brain wishes to go look up the statistics, I welcome them to see for themselves.

This scare, that has surrounded DUI, is so out of control that we have the above incident, that this untrained policeman, so gripped with fear that this person would become some demon on wheels, took the man's life. There is simply no defense for it. No judge, worth his salt, should sit on his bench and listen to any defense for it. He admittedly shot the man in the back seven times, ending his life.

We need to look at real numbers and real facts about DUI and stop paying attention to fear mongers.

I pray for his family. That is just... God bless his family and watch over them and help them through this painful time.

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