Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ANNOUNCING: New Freight Broker Agent on the Market

ANNOUNCING: New Freight Broker Agent on the Market

Here's a story from a CDL instructor, an ex-trucker. He's eating lunch at a truck stop restaurant. The door opens and a large man stands in the doorway. "Does anyone here drive for company?" he hollers. No response. "I SAID, IS THERE A DRIVER HERE FROM company?!" Another big guy, sitting at a booth and eating a meal, responds. "Yeah. I do." "You're blocking the lane," says the driver at the entrance. "Come move your rig." The man eating ignores him. The man in the doorway lumbers across the room. Now he's standing over the table. "I said... you're blocking the lane. Are you gonna move your truck?" "Yeah," says the seated guy, looking up. "I'll move it." He goes back to his meal. "...when I'm done." For several moments, there was silence in the room. Then, the standing driver takes his entire forearm and wipes everything off the table. Plate, cup, utensils, salt & pepper... everything crashes to the floor. "YOU'RE DONE!" he screams. It took many men to pull them apart.


Have you ever wondered what's it's like to have your freight shipped without a hitch, every single time. Or, being a carrier and having all of the details of the load, including what permits you'll need, every single time?

My name is Kevin and that's what I do:

  • getting more efficient every load
  • get all the details every load
  • competitive prices every load
  • create WIN + WIN + WIN

We've been solving problems and shipping freight for a combined 20 years. We can trade stories. I bet you have some.

Let's do business and see if we can't make your loads more and more efficient every time.
  • integrity
  • honesty
  • dependability
I'm not looking to get rich off of one load, like some freight brokers. Everyone has to eat, shippers and carriers. Besides, we can skim the fat and make 40 trips and everyone is happy.

I'm trying to make loads go off without a hitch, remember. That includes, not getting caught up in squeezing both the shipper and the carrier.

The number above is my direct business line to Freight Scholar Inc.. Give me a call and let's start a beautiful relationship.

If you're a shipper we'll send you over the shipper packet.

If you're a carrier, we're always looking for more dedicated drivers.


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