Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Black Students Fail

Why Black Students Fail

Black economists are baffled why Black children would do worse in school than white children. While I'm not an exclusive economist, my education was much broader and I can explain it clearly.

Let's start with a story set, some 20 years ago. A brand new high school teacher was setup in a classroom. She was told that the kids that sat at the back half of the class were all the smarter kids and typically made the highest grades. This was a lie of course, but that's what she was told.

Miraculously, every single one of those kids at the back half of the class all made A's by the end of the year. That was regardless of race, because the class was diverse and those students were both Black and white. It also was regardless of parental participation in the kids' school life. Which soundless silenced any notion that it is the parent's fault.

The experiment was answered many times by other tests, with similar results. They had their answer to the real question of grades and school "success" for kids.

Nothing was done with the experiment, because the teacher's union, of course, destroyed any chance to change the system to reflect the possibility that kids would be churned out of school with A's.

This same team noticed that, without calling them racist, teachers, mostly white, tended to not teach Black children, in the same class as other children. They noted they didn't answer their questions, they didn't ask them questions, they all but ignored them. In the previous experiment with half of the class being paid attention to, the front half of the class succeeded on their own merit. The straight A students, suffered a bit, and all the rest suffered worse. So they determined that Black children didn't suffer from a lack of intelligence, but from system wide practice of ignoring Black children.

If you tell adult teachers that Black children don't succeed in school, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy: the teachers ignore the Black children and the Black children fail to succeed, which reinforces the teacher's prejudice.

It is only with the advent of the all Black charter schools that we see Black children having astonishing success, 60% success with kids that were supposedly failing in school.

While the teacher's union is the biggest enemy to blame in this, they are simply the front line warriors to attack. The union should be dismantled, but they are the peons, the pawns. Publishers, politicians, and other behind the scenes corporations are the real boogeymen. This spider has many many legs.

I won't insult your intelligence by telling you there's some magical off or on switch, we can pull, to make this all go away. But, apparently all Black schools, are more needed today, than in the 20s, 30s 40s, if we are to be equal, successful and even surpass others. We have to jump into this and finance these schools and forbid any teacher's union involvement in these private schools and provide scholarships for those that can't afford them.


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