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Social Conditioning: Women Making Men Feminine

Social Conditioning: Women Making Men Feminine

SOCIAL CONDITIONING: a term used to describe, among other things, what the entire main stream media does to change men into women. It's so pernicious that men don't even realize that they use feminine terminology today, that they would never even think to use 50 years ago.

One of the most endemic masculine pitfalls men have faced since the rise of feminine social primacy has been the belief that their ready displays of emotional vulnerability will make men more desirable mates for women.

In an era when men are raised from birth to be “in touch with their feminine sides”, and in touch with their emotions, we get generations of men trying to ‘out-emote’ each other as a mating strategy.

Now, I am not a pickup artist, nor am I trying to teach men how to have casual gender, mainly because I don't believe in it, shocking I know, no one ever says that. But, I will point out a few things of how to destroy social conditioning.

  1. drop the "getting in touch with your feminine side" - this does absolutely nothing for your masculinity. It does nothing for finding a quality woman and getting married. It does nothing for society at large for men to be running around acting like women, because that's all it does. IT DOES NOT open more communication between men and women, which is what everyone has been told. Men are not women, and forcing them to get in touch with their feelings and sharing their feelings does nothing but turn a man into a woman, and NOT actually make the man more communicative than before.
  2. drop the polite gentleman act. It's over. It's dead. And any woman complaining in 2014 / 2015, about the lack of gentlemen is suffering from schizophrenia. Regardless of how she personally feels, acts and thinks, the rest of her female counterparts are all "independent" women that are manly, masculine, taking on masculine rolls, and continually pushing the bounds of their masculinity. You can't put that genie back in the box. They have their own money, and their not going to give it back. Being a gentleman in 2014 is a sign of pure, unadulterated weakness, and when it comes to the opposite gender, any show of weakness, is a one way ticket to turn off land, better known as "we're just friends."
  3. drop the caring about women and their needs act. This is almost verbatim #2, but this deals with actually talking to women. A woman is not looking for you to care about what she is talking about. And if you actually do care about what she says or how she feels, you're simply destroying your own masculinity and showing weakness in front of her. Again, exactly like #2. No matter how much women scream about you don't listen to them, do not fall for that. Women say a lot of things, about what they're mad at, or angry about, the way men treat them. As a man, your only job is to be a man. Listening to women, is not being a man.
  4. Man Up: erase this out of your vocabulary. A man did not originate this term, feminists did. No man is going to tell another man, as if he actually cared, to "man up". The term means, what you're doing now is womanly, and stop doing that. But, here's the kicker, the term is a complete lie. The term is only used when a woman wants you to do something for her, or give her money, as if handing out money is something that says "you're a man".
  5. Stop messing with women below your standards. This does nothing but frustrates you, and leads to you being unhappy about dealing with her. Be honest with yourself. Yes, you need to judge women. Why would you hit on a woman that doesn't take care of herself, dresses like a street walker or can't hold a decent conversation. Oh I know what you're thinking, and before you finish that nasty thought, remember this, every woman is the same. The pretty ones will go for the same exact things the ugly ones go for, so don't waste your time on an ugly one.
  6. Stop crying. Hold on, I'm not finished. Stop crying in front of other people. That includes, not only your potential wife, your wife, your friends, your mom, your dad. If you absolutely must cry, go find a quiet place where you can let it out, and if someone comes in to try and help you cry, tell them to get out. Crying is the body releasing tension. That's all it is. It's not a magical moment, or anything else. So, go to your room, cry it out, release the tension, and then wipe your eyes, wash your face, and then go rejoin everyone else. Never show weakness. You've been told the exact opposite for decades now and it has literally plunged out society into chaos now.
  7. Stop buying her stuff. Those days are over, done, dead, history. Some of these women, have more money than you. You are now, just a man. You're not a knight, savior, hero. You're just a man, and women are now competing with you at your job, for promotion, more money, better parking spot, etc.. So if you're the type that goes to a club, know that nearly every woman in the club is "independent", came with her own money, and doesn't need a man to buy her anything. She is screaming and scratching for equality. If you're stupid enough to hand her free drinks, it is your own stupidity to blame when she thanks you and goes and shares it with her friends. Remember, those days are over. Men are quickly catching on. Men are picking up that, that is no longer the way to win a girl's heart or... whatever else you were looking for. A man that, not only, doesn't offer to buy her drinks, but instead demands she buy him drinks, is seen as more masculine now, because it puts the woman in a subservient role. She can stop being the boss then.
  8. Many women, now complain that they cannot turn off work mode of being bossy. They say the come home to a weak, caring, feeling man, whom she then bosses around. It is the masculine man that they want and crave. That is your role, your place, with a woman. You're not her girlfriend, stop acting like it.
Stop the social conditioning. Understand one thing. A woman cannot teach you how to be a man. Any woman pleading with you to be care, feeling, open, venerable, is confused. That's not something she wants in her man. That's something she wants in her girlfriends.

Wake up to the truth of social conditioning. I want you now to snap to it now, when you see commercials or movies, trying to socially condition you.

God forbid, there comes a day when men say, they don't know how to attract a good woman. And, god forbid, there comes a day when women say, they don't know how to attract a good man. We would be doomed if such a thing happened. We're headed that way now.

Feminist are constantly trying to beat it out of men, and women. Their ultimate goal is to sacrifice men on the altar of this fake equality, they claim they want. Do not fall victim to it, and realize what is really going on.

Finally, if you find a woman, and she complains about the things you enjoy doing, I'm saying this, because it's a huge portion of today's modern woman, then you need to drop her, immediately. You're not compatible. Also, she isn't just complaining about your hobby, she is a selfish person that is inconsiderate of you. You don't just grin and bear that. And, because someone has convinced her she is the center of the universe, that complaining nature, won't stop there. She might say you hang with your friends and family too much. Or, you don't do enough around the house. Yes, you with the full time job and the 1 hour commute one way. If this is a wife to be, then you need to realize you need a team player, a partner, not a ball and chain, as the men used to call it. Those men, just made it work, no matter what. They were not happy, but they stuck with it. More than likely, those marriages were kind of arranged or expected. This is a new day and you do not need to stick with a ball and chain. Find a good, decent, caring, giving woman that takes care of her body and mind.

So my blog is mainly directed towards Black people. Black men die from stress, more than any other group. This entire list and that last paragraph is to alleviate, the stress from your life. If you cannot find a good decent woman, that gives you a stress free life at home, then you be alone. You do not need a woman in your life, "just cuz".  This is very serious. Dating a stressful woman, could mean your life or take years off the tail end of it.

Again, finally, remember, a woman cannot tell you anything about being a man. She cannot raise a man, she cannot train a man, nor any combination of it. Do not take advice from a woman. Stop it! Only a man can raise a man. Only a man can advise a man. We are so socially conditioned these days, that we are acculturated to pretend a woman is giving a man good advice. Stop it!

You know, I'm not talking about a woman giving your driving directions. I'm talking about a woman directing you through life. That is not her place. And, you should not pretend it is. And, no decent woman would think it would be. Most refined ladies, would find it insulting that anyone would insinuate it is.


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John Lannigan said...

Men don't need emotions. All the positive progress people have made and we have pundits telling us this... still... I see you getting laid in your future... not... With scared timid women who you will never ever know if you dont change that attitude.

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