Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shakaama Live: The End of an Era

Shakaama Live: The End of an Era

It has been my pleasure to blog on blogger as Shakaama Live. It has been 3 years since I started the blog and I have had some ups and downs. However, due to circumstances, I will not continue posting on blogger. I own my own websites anyway, but this was just such an easy platform to post on.

Some brief stats:

  • my first 10 posts were from my old blog on and they dealt with psychology and sociology
  • while I continue in that general area presently, it is more directed towards improving, in my eyes, the Black community, no more generalities about friendship and feeling good about yourself, now I talk about why Black people go through economic hardships
  • my most popular post was about Sarah Palin, with 55,000+ views, this would have been a completely different blog if every post had that many views.
  • my most commented post was why Black men won't date nor marry Black women
  • completely random and in 3rd place was my post about getting rid of roaches
This blog has already been backed up and will be deleted within days if not hours. I will purchase a website just for this blog, so I can enjoy the freedom to do, say and act how I damn well please. 

Watch for me on the web somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I watched your extremely intelligent narrative regarding Obama. You make me proud and I hope that people watch it.

Dan H

Anonymous said...

I like the work you do and have been sharing it. I've been reading about President Obama seeking power (power which the Constitution has assigned to Congress) and will be asking for authority to “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority. Concerned specifically with the Trans Pacific Partnership which is being negotiated in secret with governments globally. Can you please comment on this? There are a lot of smaller groups trying to protest this, but because of our corporate-owned media blackouts, this info is just not getting to the people. Thank you!

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