Saturday, May 14, 2011

Obama Silent on 28% Black Unemployment Rate

Obama Meets Congressional Black Caucus on the Eve of Campaigning

When confronted, by reporters, about Obama's complete silence about the 28% Black unemployment rate, the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus began to stammer and stutter, during a public address. 
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) told The Huffington Post that CBC Members expressed “the frustration of our constituents” over high unemployment to Obama during a Thursday meeting at the White House. The Labor Department puts unemployment at 16.1 percent in the black community, but Cleaver said the number is more like 28 percent when factoring in “99ers,” or people who have exhausted all of their regular and extended unemployment benefits.

Obama Meets with Congressional Black Caucus
“All you’ve got to do is come into any black area and you can see that,” he said.
In the lead-up to the meeting with Obama, the CBC used its Facebook page to ask supporters which priorities lawmakers should bring up with the president. The response was “unbelievable,” Cleaver said. “I’d say 97 percent said to ask about jobs.”

As a holder of a political science degree, it is amazing to me how the Black community defends their unwavering support of Obama, in the face of obvious disdain.  Obama has said, during his campaign that he would not entertain any ANY Black issues.  Obama during his presidency has said he will NOT entertain ANY Black issues.  All other political groups have garnered, not only, favors from Obama for their votes, but after handing over funds and votes, received exactly what they demanded of him. 

The Black community sent no lobbyist to the Obama campaign and yet AND STILL turned out a voting block never before seen in the Black community.  And, they got exactly what they asked for, NOTHING.

The CBC is completely emasculated on every Black issue, when it comes to Obama.  28% staggering unemployment in the Black community and Obama will say nothing about it.  One reporter from New York, stood up during a white house speech and asked what he plans to do about a 50% unemployment rate in Black men in New York.  Obama refused to even acknowledge the Black community even had a problem.

At what point does the Black community wake up and stop pandering to someone that has absolutely no qualms about telling us to go away and don't ask questions.

At what point does the Black community realize that Obama is NOT a Black president, when he makes it clear and to the point that he will NOT help the Black community.

It is outrageous that the nearly 2nd largest voting block in the nation is completely ignored by the "Black" president and BOTH political parties who are in control.

I am disgusted with this complete lack of awareness.

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