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Why We Are Poor: Contentrating on Entertainment Instead of Money

Most Working Class Concentrate on Entertainment

Canvasing the landscape of the desolation that is America right now, we see so many people worried about their finances or complaining about their finances, yet they do absolutely nothing about their finances.  Some will say that they ARE doing something about their finances, they are going back to school for retraining or more education.  Here is the secret that noone will tell you: "noone has ever gotten rich by getting any level of education".  For those that say, they are not concentrating on being rich, take it from me, and let me be the first to tell you, you're delusional and not intellectually honest with yourself.  A whole lot would be different in your life, if you were worth 2 million in "assets".  Notice the concentration on the word assets.  Going to get retrained for an education or receive more training, concentrates on one thing: getting a job.  A job does not ever give you assets, and hence does not ever make you rich.  Until you actually start accumulating assets, you will remain a working stiff.  How can I say that people are not concentrating on money or what evidence is there that people are not concentrating on money.

Concentrating on Sports

I'll Bring Them Death and They Will Love Me for It
Do you honestly think that the owners of a sports team care if they make money at the games their teams are involved in?  No, they made their money in some other fashion.  There is a huge swath of the country, even in this economic depression, that still, unflinchingly watch their sports at the same bat time, same bat channel.  The country is falling apart at the seams and they are steadily watching "the game" and highlights and interviews.

This is nothing new.  Let me give you a really short history lesson.  Rome was in the beginnings of its last breath.  Emperor Commodus did not like actually administering the empire.  The Roman senate came to him with problem after problem, which he never fixed.  People were dying in the empire and the emperor frankly did not care.  Instead of taking care of the problems in the empire he gave administrative power to a friend of his and instead put on economy breaking gladiator games in the grand colosseum.
“Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the Senate, it's the sand of the coliseum. I'll bring them death - and they will love me for it.”  - Gladiator
People were so distracted by the games, that they did not notice that half of the city was in the throws of a plague.  A plague is hard to miss, you say, but miss it they did.  They instead concentrated on the sports arena.

This is exactly what is happening this very day.  Millions of Americans are dying and unemployed, our food is poisoning us, our economy is in shambles, but the other half of the US steadily watches their sports arena.

Concentrating on Enertainment

Not only do people not concentrate on what makes them money, they actually concentrate on the lives of people who have money, entertainers.  Instead of them understanding that the entertainer is there for THEM, they are living their life for the entertainer.  The "fool" was the entertainer in royal courts.  He told jokes, sang songs, danced, played instruments.  The king never asked the "fool" how his day went.  After he stopped dancing and telling jokes, the "fool" went and had his dinner. The lives of entertainers have become what sports is to men, a complete and utter distraction. Gossip soundly replaces the sports arena.

Soap operas remove all thoughts from some people.  They would rather concentrate on the lives of fictional characters, that are obviously there as a distraction, instead of them sitting down and balancing their checkbook.

Concentrating on Church

The worst possible distraction ever invented was the church.  It is hard for people to understand this, but the rich and powerful invented the church to put the masses under spell.  A spell so deep and unshakable, that they would defend it with their lives.  How can you say to someone in this modern day, that believes in some religion, that their religion was invented by man?  How can you say to someone in this modern day, that believes in some religion, that their religion was invented to make them obey the rich and powerful?  That man would fight you with every breath he takes, denying the truth.

God did not invent a religion.  All religions were invented by man.  There is no debate about it.  Then you have to ask, why did man invent religions?  No matter where you look, the rich and powerful are the source of inventing religions and they invariably do it for one purpose and one purpose only: so that you are docile and obey them.

So instead of you concentrating on living your life much more richly, instead you live for church.  There are millions upon millions of  dirt poor people that know everything in the bible, and what their church does, but cannot afford a decent meal, and have never had the prime cuts of any meat from any animal.  There are people starving, without hope of eating, yet they know every bylaw of their religion.

If you believe in the Christian faith, in the bible it says over and over, that you should have life more abundantly.  There are very evil ministers and priests and nuns and bishops that tell you [ against all logic ] that, that statement means you should be a loving person and your reward is "in heaven", and that statement does not mean you should have more money to buy things that make you live more comfortably, or be able to afford good food, good food that heals you from malnutrition.  There are adults in this country that can quote every verse, paragraph and book of their religion, but do not know their own rental agreemant

Concentrate on Money

Enough of the negative stuff.  You know you concentrate on some rather stupid things, and I do not need to beat you over the head about it.  Admit that you're dumb and acting like a child and MOVE ON.  Get some balls, admit you've been acting silly and grow the hell up.  If you sit complaining about money, when there is so much information out there on how to make nothing BUT money, then you're a damn fool, in every sense of the word.

You should be concentrating your formative adult life, or even earlier, on what money is, and how to make plenty of it.  Instead of going to college for 5 years, you should instead learn everything you can for 5 years about money.  I am not talking about the theory and history of money, but the practice of making money.

Anyone who concentrates on money for 30 seconds, and does their own research, comes to one startling conclusion IMMEDIATELY: the only way to make money is to own assets.  By definition assets make you money:
A resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide future benefit.

Investopedia explains Asset
1. Assets are bought to increase the value of a firm or benefit the firm's operations. You can think of an asset as something that can generate cash flow, regardless of whether it's a company's manufacturing equipment or an individual's rental apartment.

2. In the context of accounting, assets are either current or fixed (non-current). Current means that the asset will be consumed within one year. Generally, this includes things like cash, accounts receivable and inventory. Fixed assets are those that are expected to keep providing benefit for more than one year, such as equipment, buildings and real estate.
So by its very nature an asset GENERATES MONEY.  A job is not an asset.  In a job, you are trading your time to generate money for someone else.  A person or company then pays you a fraction of what you are generating for them, for the time you have given them.  You cannot go away from your job for years, and continually generate money.

Your house is not an asset.  I know the bank tries to tell you your house is an asset, but they are using kindergarten terms to talk to you.  When they talk to other banks and businesses, they do not say the same thing to them.  A house can be an asset, just not your house.  A car can be an asset, just not your car.  An asset has to generate money.  Your house does not generate money, it costs you money.  I don't care how much you think your house is worth or how much you COULD sell it for, it is not an asset.  Until you actually sell the house, it generates no money.  Also, if you sell that house at a loss, and by loss you have to calculate the value of money when you bought it, versus the value of the dollar when you sold it, it might just be a total loss.

For a house to be an asset, you have to, not live in it, rent it out, and have someone pay you to live in it, i.e. it generates money FOR you.  For a car to be an asset, you have to, not use it normally, and have someone rent it out, in the normal course of driving it, i.e. it generates money FOR you.  A taxicab / limousine is an asset, a Volkswagen bug your son drives, is not.

With that in mind, concentrate on buying a second home to rent out.  Concentrate on starting a business.  A business is the only real asset you can have as an individual.  Having one rental property can be your "business".  Or, you could go the extra mile and start buying many properties which you turn around and rent out.  Where I live, rent is high and homes are cheap.  It makes no sense to rent, when you can own a home.  And, given that rent is so high, it makes no sense NOT to turn around and buy a couple of houses and rent them out to some poor schmuck.

Owning a business is the fastest and surest way to get actual money in your pocket.  You do not have to lease out a building and hire people to say that you own a business.  Think about what you would do as a business and start from there first.  Would you sell clothes that you bought cheap at market?  You could then turn around and sell it on online as your business.  You do not have to buy a building and go broke.

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