Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Commercial

Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice Commercial

Isaiah Mustafa in Old Spice Commercial
If you haven't seen this great commercial staring Isaiah Mustafa, then I present it here for your viewing pleasure.  Of course the commercial is aimed at men, but it's aimed at men, who think that women will want a man that smells like old spice, so it's aimed at women who will aim it at men, so men will subconsciously buy it to get women.  What's really confusing is Isaiah Mustafa is half naked through the entire commercial.

So how is it aimed at men exactly?  Well, I'll tell you since, I happen to be a man.  The entire commercial is done using a technical feet called one take.  That's right, the actor delivering the script says the entire commercial all in one take.  As if that weren't super crazy technical, oh shiny enough for a guy, there's lots going on in that one take that is eye candy, and no I'm not talking about Isaiah Mustafa.  There is continuous morphing of not only Isaiah's clothing, but there's special effects in his hands and the background.  He goes from shower, to boat, to beach, to horse all in one take.  Meanwhile in his hand he has shower gel, clam, tickets, diamonds, shower gell all in one take.  Finally he has a deep manly voice delivered throughout the commercial, which, while deemed good to a woman, is something men would want to emulate for women.

Isaiah was nominated for an Emmy for this commercial, and NBC has signed him up for a show.  I consider it of utmost importance that the entire country outwardly is lusting after a Black man as the symbol of pure good and manliness, something kept hush hush for centuries now.  The video alone on youtube received 12 million hits since it was uploaded.  That is a complete viral number.

Isaiah Mustafa "I'm on a horse"
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Spaz said...

Hahahahahha Old Spice always had funny commercials. When I first saw this I went, "WTH was that about!?" but I laughed and enjoyed it.

Old Spice is kind of nostalgic to me cause my grandpa always had a set. I remember the ceramic bottles with the little sail boat pictured on it. So every time I see an ad for Old Spice I kind of smile. :)

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