Friday, December 19, 2014

#GAMERGATE Leave Black People Out of It You Don't Speak FOR Us

#GAMERGATE Leave Black People Out of It You Don't Speak FOR Us

It is highly offensive to me when white people, with an axe to grind and an ulterior motive of their own, dare to speak FOR Black people. We are not children. We are not goats. We are not slaves. It is not your place to speak for us, nor even to reference us in your little agenda. Oh, sorry, giant agenda, to destroy men, families, heterosexuality.
Leave Black People Out of #gamergate

 In the end, the evidence comes out that these white people are frauds, thieves, and thugs themselves.
Leave Black people out of your mouth. We are not only capable, but reserve the right to bar your from speaking "for" us. It is insulting, offensive, and disgusting that these people think it's their place to do so.

 Of all people, white women? A white woman dares speak FOR Black men? They're out of their mind if they think a white woman, even for a second, knows anything about being Black. No, not even for a second. And, this isn't one of those, "we're all human." No, we're not all human, when a white woman stands up and says, "I speak for Black people."

 Leave us out of your mouth and out of your agenda.

You don't speak for any Black gamer. You don't speak for Black:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Heterosexuals
  • Homosexuals
  • Transgenders
You have no integrity and have been found guilty of theft and fraud. Why on earth would Black people want someone such as yourself speaking for us. It is a disgrace.

My corporation has already set in motion to fund several new Black gaming studios and publishers. We have also created scholarship funds for Black college graduates in engineering and the sciences. It is not your place to speak for us. Know your place. You do nothing but insult us, insult our intelligence, insult our integrity and offend us, by trying to assume you are over Black people.

We are looking into if there is some legal action we can take against the white women involved in this. This is so offensive.

Leave us out of your squabble. It is not your place.

In fact, you should limit yourself to only speaking for  3rd wave feminist white women. I'm positive the Asians, Latinos and Polynesians don't want you speaking for them either.



TheGrandAdmiral said...

Both the Left and the Right want to use us as pawns, and neither side truly has our best interests at heart. Thus, we must have our own.

Anonymous said...

That works both ways! You know nothing about me because of my skin color. This I know for a fact! I am no better or worse than any other man including you. However, if we do not communicate we will never change anything. It is not about left or right it is about people working out there difference with respect for one another.

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