Saturday, December 20, 2014

Feminists Attacking More Men Directly

 Feminists Attacking More Men Directly

Women are getting pick up artists accounts banned off twitter, YouTube, Facebook. Let's ignore for a second that these companies are agreeing to do this. Pick up artist accounts target men, 100%. Why are these women getting in their business?

That's like a 20 yr old trying to get an AARP rep's account banned.

This type of thing is getting out of hand. People creating drama, with people they have no business even talking to.

I read an article by an Asian woman, born and raised and living in America, complaining about a white pickup artist in Australia, that posted a video of him in Japan. Somehow she got Australia to revoke his visa. Don't ask how that happened.

The entire scenario was based on the video. Come to find out the video was fake.

Then come to find out the Asian woman is a bigot against white people and routinely says racist things against white people on her twitter account. Meanwhile nothing but white people were applauding her article and defending her against anyone that would point out they're defending a racist.
As an outsider looking in on stuff like this, I can't help but wonder when is this thing going to explode into, meaning this woman vs man war the white community is throwing itself into.
Meanwhile, I worry about my people only and try to make sure we don't get involved in the mess.


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TheGrandAdmiral said...

Black men (especially Black men like me that like Japanese women) should just sit back and let our enemies fight each other this time. Last line's the charm.

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