Saturday, December 20, 2014

CONSPIRACY: Who Did Bill Cosby Piss Off to Get This Character Assassination

CONSPIRACY: Who Did Bill Cosby Piss Off to Get This Character Assassination

So, I'm a pretty good judge of character. I also happen to know a tad bit more than the regular average American. I am up on all the "facts" the journalists have. I have determined that this Bill Cosby yellow journalism fiasco is nothing more than Character Assassination.

First, let me say that, unlike most Americans, my memory is long and precise. Where nearly all Americans forget things after 3 months, I can remember, in detail and with full clarity events that happened over a decade ago. What's amazing to me is that there can be news stories that every main stream media outlet carries for an entire week, and 3 months later people will forget them.
Dr. Bill Cosby

News outlets can carry a story, give you a set of "facts" and then 3 months later, carry the same story and give you opposite "facts", and people fall for it.

So here is a presentation, in very short sentences, of the entire conspiracy of why Dr. Bill Cosby's character is being assassinated. Keep in mind, since this 2014 story broke, Dr. Cosby went from the number 3 most trusted and well known figure in the world, which means millions of dollars in endorsements, to 2,000th. Also, all of his reruns (syndication) have been removed, meaning millions of dollars. And finally, a brand new Cosby show was in the works and it was canceled. That should tell you the entire story right there.

- 1992 Bill Cosby tried to buy NBC;
- for 2 years NBC rumored to be for sale, due to hemoraging money from low ratings
- robert c wright, network president, meets with Dr. Cosby and tells him it is not for sale and never has been
- Cosby still puts out he wants to buy network
- son Ennis William Cosby was killed to send him a message to stop offering to buy NBC;
- media said son was killed in robbery at home;
- son found on side of interstate;
- $1k in his pocket;
- brand new mercedes;
- keys in ignition.
- bill stopped trying to bid on NBC.
- murderer tried and convicted
- murderer had several appeals in the works and then all of a sudden declines all his appeals to do his time
- woman tries to extort bill cosby for $40 million in 1999
- Cosby presses charges, woman found guilty sentenced to 28 months
- appeals court vacates judgement, sets woman free... no reason given
- Cosby appears on today and says donald trump is full of hot air and should shut up and go home or run for president

Now, as to these allegations, 10 years ago all of the allegations came up. The district attorney denied all of them, and even threw one woman in jail for trying to blackmail Dr. Cosby for $40 million.

Dr. Cosby has donated countless millions of dollars to Black education, causes and charities. Dr. Cosby has been the only one that had an all Black staff on all of his shows behind the scenes, which is nearly unheard of in Hollywood, because Black people don't even exist behind the scenes, with the unions keeping us out.

However, the main stream media AND Black news outlets PRETEND Dr. Cosby has NEVER DONE ANYTHING FOR BLACK FOLK. Now that's a funnier story than the actually false claims against Dr. Cosby.


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