Friday, December 19, 2014

Camille Cosby Comes Out Swinging Leave My Husband Alone

Camille Cosby Comes Out Swinging Leave My Husband Alone

I watched an interview of Dr. and Mrs. Cosby. UNLIKE ALL THOSE OTHER WIVES, Koby, Tiger, the other Black men accused of rape and infidelity, who sat there just fuming, FUMING, about to explode, Mrs. Cosby was ready to tackle the reporter herself. I could almost hear her say, "sit down Bill I got this." And she was just smiling.

Dr. & Mrs. Cosby

Black women don't smile if their husband is guilty, and you best believe they know. This was not a cheated on woman. She knows this is a scandal and they're trying to take his money. 6 months later and THEY'RE still talking about this.
THE NEWS CYCLE IS ... count em... 7 DAYS. NOTHING, LASTS 6 MONTHS, especially without a court case. People have been beheaded, shot up schools, floods, fires, earthquakes, nuclear power plant meltdowns.... SEVEN DAYS. But the Cosby story is still going strong 6 months later?

No chief. no no no. I don't need any other proof. They have pulled all of his reruns and syndication. I'll expect the "bill cosby is confirmed dead" soon. That's how they do it you know. Those nice illuminati people.

Nope, looking at his wife's face, confirmed it for me. This is all B.S. She isn't just not bothered, she's on the attack, protecting her family. I bet if they let her speak, she'd tear them a new one.
By the way, the entire story was dismissed 10 years ago. The women came forward, the DA found no evidence, dismissed all of their claims, in fact a few of them he dismissed with prejudice. That means the allegations were so bad, that if they tried to bring it again, they'd be thrown in jail. This ENTIRE story, is now being redone, to destroy him.


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