Sunday, August 17, 2014



time and again, it comes to my attention that you do things against your best interest. You purchase products from people, you know support the KKK or neonazis. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, it's just so good. You spend your money with people that literally spit in your face. And, when asked why you do it, you answer, because this is what all the cool kids are wearing, driving, eating.

You destroy your hair and scalp. And, when asked why, you answer, because my hair is more manageable now.

You live in an area that is dangerous for your children to go to school. Oh, I don't mean the hood. I mean you move to the suburbs where the police shoot your children and arrest them on any pretense. And, when asked why, you answer, this is the better area, and the schools teach my kids more. Meanwhile, your kid is being bullied by the entire class, including the teacher, and your child was found in the hospital with a severe concussion.

What's ironic is, you bend over backwards, to do what? You bend over backwards to assimilate yourself into white society, not american society, white society.

We have hispanic peole and asian people come here, and make zero effort to learn english. And, within 5 years, they surpass you in economics, finance, education, wealth, group wealth, personal wealth. They don't leave their hood, they turn it into what they want.

You're the only group that tells your children, get a good education and find a job. It's the mindset of a slave and you haven't been a slave for 100 years.

So what is the real problem with you? You have a problem. What is it? Why do you do this? I want to know.

I'll go hungry, before I buy a toothpick from someone that disrespects me. I'll go homeless, before I buy / rent a place from someone that disrespects me. I'll make my own thread and cloth, before I buy from someone that spits in my face. I don't care if I have it to buy them out and everyone is wearing their label. I'll hire 20 lawyers and go into debt, before I let a police officer disrespect me and keep his job.

You let America trample all over you. You let America walk on you and your children. You let America take your self respect. You let America take your dignity. You take a handout from someone that has constantly spit in your face, instead of staying with the father of your child(ren). You let America beat you down and stomp you in the ground, and go into debt to buy their clothes. You let America steal your heritage. Where is it? What is it? Do you even know your heritage? Then, after stealing your heritage, you let them talk you into thinking heritage is meaningless. Meanwhile, everyone else has got heritage but you. You let America dishonor your body and let them slaughter your unborn children, all the while convincing you that you arent' strong enough to raise your children. Meanwhile, the highest office of the land, the presidency, is filled to the brim with orphans, raised by single parents, raised by grandparents. If those mothers and grand parents were capable of raising these children, to such a degree that they put 15 presidents in the white house, what is wrong with you that you let someone convince you that you can't?

You let yourself go. You die 10-15 years younger than everyone else. You let America put your children in prison 3 times longer than anyone else, and then turn around and call your children violent. Meanwhile everyone else is committing the same crime and getting away with it.

You let idiots come running across the land to pat you on the back and tell you a huge story about how you can't help yourself.  And, when the idiot leaves, your son is still dead; your child is still in jail; that police still has his job; that mayor still won the election. You're not closer to justice than before the idiot showed up. Then you turn around and praise the idiot.

What happened to you?

You are the first humans on the planet. You are the father of all the races of the planet. Your genes are in every race on the planet, but their genes are not in you. They came from you, and not the reverse. You started it all. You discovered everything before any of them did. Your civilization started thousands of years, upon thousands of years before them. And, you let them talk you into believing just the opposite.

Shame on you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.



Sunny Robb said...

This is an interesting article you wrote about our people, thank you! Black people do need to change for the better!

Joanna said...

Knowing history little bit more than most people, I would pose a question:
are there people causing all the race baiting and profiteering on it as well, handsomely may I add?
Instead of focusing on gathering black people against white businesses maybe direct the power against those who are the root of the problem?...
...hmmm...Weimar Republic comes to an example.
The situation in States is exactly that of the country mess Hitler inherited...
drugs, pornography, families falling apart, babies born out of wedlock...
he made some changes drastic for some, welcomed by others, took Germany out of sewer into prosperous state; and Germans loved him for it.

I also want to add something about buying.
There is no doubt in my mind that you care deply for black community and black people.
Why don't you make a video and stress the importance of some food storing, and food "extras" ?
The reason why I say this is because it seem, times are at pivotal spin...some time ago I watched a video or read somewhere how black people stormed social service offices because there was some kind of glitch in the food stamps system and people couldn't buy their groceries.
ok...How anyone can run their household without having food for at least 4-7 days on hand?!
That is just way beyond me!
Irresponsible would be one word to describe it.
I do not care how poor you are, been there done that.
It does not have to be loaded fridge, but few extra pounds of rice, maybe few pounds of flour, pasta, extra jar of some sauce, a box of dry milk...if SHTF you can make crepes for next to nothing, gather some stinging nettle (popular weed prep just like spinach) and make a sauce to go with your rice or pasta.
In now days I am very worried that a lot of inner city people will get hungry in no time if THEY decide to pull a fast one on us.
I am not trying to tell you what to do.
I do enjoy your videos and your concern for black people is great, so I thought I would propose a topic.
Greetings from Poland (I am here on extended stay), will be back home in few weeks.

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