Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hate the Rich, Love the Poor

Hate the Rich, Love the Poor

All this "hate the rich" fanfair is completely stupid.

All this "the poor are angels" is equally stupid.

The so called rich create ALL the jobs.

The obama taxes hit people who create jobs and wind up causing them to have to fire half of their staff.

There is no VIRTUE to being poor.

A lot of people are poor BECAUSE of taxes, directly AND indirectly.

How? all the taxes add up to lower pay if they raise them on you AND - higher taxes means that employers get rid of people because of taxes. you lose your job, while living paycheck to paycheck ... HELLO POVERTY.

The enemy is taxes and socialism, NOT the rich.

A rich person, by being rich, has NEVER made you poor or even taken money from you, nor affected you in any way, BUT TAXES HAVE.

Those very jobs you complained about going overseas, IS BECAUSE OF SUBSIDIES PAID BY OBAMA TO SHIP JOBS OVERSEAS. put the blame where it belongs. half of you people must be drinking the cool aid of main stream news. we are paying tax money TO THE COMPANY to ship the jobs overseas.

Finally, if you've gotten this far in reading my comment, then the final truth is that 90% of these taxes are UNNECESSARY, they keep a giant government, bloated beyond the scope of what it should be in the first place. who would you rather take care of the poor, you and your church, or some government agency that makes that same family of mom, dad, child get divorced, prove they are poor, move them out of their family home of 3 generations, prove they have no funds in their bank account, including funds for junior's college education, and THEN give them $300 / month.

Instead of paying taxes, local groups, organizations and individuals would do a much better job of taking care of the poor, homeless, elderly, single moms, families falling on hard times, than any government agency.

Instead of paying taxes TO HAVE JOBS SHIPPED overseas, "in the interest of free trade" yes this is what they claim it is for, we could completely eliminate those taxes form ever being taken in the first place and stop giving it to companies.

Instead of collecting huge amounts, yes millions, from individual people, we could cut all the social programs AND programs that actual hurt the american family AND remove the loop holes.  I guarantee you the rich would love it.

50% of the population is either exempt on taxes, or gets a full refund at tax season.  that means they pay no taxes, because they are poor enough not to have to pay. that means if you actually are in the top 50% you can afford to pay taxes. any sane person would then go to their accountant and tax lawyer and make sure to pay the least amount of taxes.

There is nothing virtuous about paying for a government, that doesn't represent you, does not care about you, tries their best to take as much money from you, JUST BECAUSE.

Instead of defending the government and fighting about who should pay MORE taxes, you should be fighting for everyone to pay less and less and less taxes, every year.

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