Monday, March 1, 2010

Planned Parenthood Exposed as Killing Black Babies

KKK Founds Planned Parenthood

If the Black population in America is in dire straits, the answer would not be to kill off the Black population. If anything, we've observed throughout history and in our country specifically with Mexicans, that a population boom is the key to gaining power. One of the chief sympathizers with the Ku Klux Klan and a staunch advocate of eugenics, the belief that there are superior races and we should kill of inferior races, Margaret Sanger, founded a company called Planned Parenthood. This company spread their message and offices all over the country. However, being smart in business, they did not openly admit they were on a road to destroy the Black community. Instead they came across as well meaning and sly. They located their offices around the country predominately in Black neighborhoods. They then offered abortions to the American Negro. To this date they have slaughtered 13 million Negro children via abortions.

Margaret Sanger does not want the government nor philanthropies nor charities to "[A]ssume the responsibility of keeping your [unplanned] babies alive....They tacitly assume that all parenthood is desirable, that all children should be born, and that infant mortality can be controlled by external aid." p.17. - Sanger

Whether you're an advocate of abortion or not, you have to admit that such a practice is evil, vile and inhumane. I assume that a majority of these Black women are uneducated and poor. I assume that being uneducated and poor they would be easy prey to someone telling them that it would be better if they simply had an abortion, instead of having the child and giving it up for adoption.

"In truth, unfortunate babies who depart [die] during their first twelve months are more fortunate in many respects than those who survive to undergo punishment for their parents' cruel ignorance and complacent fecundity [the ability to reproduce]." p. 18. - Sanger

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Had the number been much smaller, there might be some debate that there is a conspiracy to kill Black babies. However, not only is the number 13 million to date, but while Black PEOPLE in America only account for 13% of the population, I assume Black women would be around 7%, the national abortion rate for Black females is... are you ready for this?


That is astounding. That means all the other races put together, only account for 65% of the abortions. That means that Black women account for over ONE THIRD of all abortions in the country.

That is insane. Hell, if you don't want your baby, give them to me. By the grace of God, my mother did not have an abortion. Do you hear me? By the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, MY MOTHER CHOSE NOT TO HAVE AN ABORTION.

How insane is it, that someone can simply decide whether you have a life or not? How insane is it, that people are fighting... FIGHTING... for a woman to kill her unborn child.

Trust me, I guarantee you, nowhere, do the anti-abortionists have a plan to raise the adoption rates in this country, sadly. I guarantee you that the abortion activists could care less about the very women they are allegedly fighting for. I guaran damn tee you that the same abortion activists want to see the mother dead herself. They don't give a damn about your rights. They want to see you murder your Black baby and then go home and laugh about it.

Seriously, if you are pregnant and don't want your child, I'll take them. I might struggle a bit, but i'll be damned if Black babies are gonna be slaughtered just on a whim.

Sanger knew that family size limitation needed the authority figures of physicians and African-American clergy to implement an incremental strategy to stop the "imbeciles" and "Negros" from having children. - Sanger

Stop going to planned parenthood. Go to a damn church. Go to a damn adoption agency. There are people crying every night, praying every night for a damn baby, you want to slaughter.

So what you got drunk and became a whore one night. Go to an adoption agency and do right by the child and do right by those families waiting for a damn baby.

Tell them Shakaama said to give your baby up for adoption, not abortion. And, if you don't wanna do the paperwork, give em to me. I live in Las Vegas next to a kindergarten/middle school, a kids park and a beach. I can apply for food stamps and welfare just like you can, if it comes down to it.

Seriously, if you want to kill your child, think about me. Think about the fact my mother could have chose to have an abortion and I could have ended up ...

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Spaz said...

A friend of mine is dating a black girl, hes white, she went and got an abortion. He didn't pressure her into it, he wanted to keep it. This is her second abortion...

Black,white, yellow, purple with zebra stripes, I do not think abortion is right. I am angry at her because my cousin who is married and has a nice husband and good jobs can't have a second baby.

There is a planned parenthood in my home town, about two blocks away from City Hall and down the street from the County jail.

Shakaama said...

your comment brought tears to my eyes instantly. She could have given the baby to your cousin or SOMEONE.

Thank you for your comment Spaz. This issue is hitting me personally. My mother told me when i was ... about 6 years old she "considered killing me". That's exactly how she put it.

There are so many people who can't have children who are praying to adopt a child. Even mothers that have children who want to adopt because they want another child, but don't want to go through child birth. So many people want to adopt babies.

[between you and me, I wanna get married and have kids soon. need to find the perfect woman first. LOL]

Rick said...

More and more web sites, such as this--although you have been up and running for some time, are coming online every day, and I rejoice in it. We need more and more voices condemning Planned Parenthood, and black genocide occurring in our cities daily. I can not understand our president being so blind to the goals of Planned Parenthood.

Shakaama said...

Thank you Rick. I was astonished to see Obama in his own words be a staunch advocate for Planned Parenthood. I would think since the campaign period where he got tremendous negative press for the whole, passing killing babies legislation in Illinois, that he would completely distance himself from Planned Parenthood.

I can't see how any couple who's already a parent would be FOR abortion. It is insanity.

Anonymous said...

Yea I thought it was weird too for the president or anybody with kids be all for it. -spaz

Anonymous said...

Let the truth be told . My eyes are now open to these fake church going demons . They claim to be from God . But there hearts are full of wicked deeds . And they do it in the name Of God . Like he would be ok with you killing the un born ! They hide behind there lies like a dirty snake crawling on it,s belly . And the president must think we are fools . But i see clear to the democrats bull crap . They say they love black people . Then they slay our children like a horse with a broken leg . Black people wake up . Come up out of your sleep . And show the world that you are wise . They have put you to sleep . While they rob you in the thick of the night . Who has the power of God . But God ! Only he that make life . Can take life ! Do man have the power to blow life in to the dirt and bring forth a man ? No he do not . So why should he have the power over who lives . And who dies . Woe on to those that kill the children of God . Your day comes near ! Your destruction we be fast . And your pain will last for ever . Woe to those that say that they are of God . But are the friends of the devil . You act like sheep . You nix in with the sheep . Fooling those that are around you . But you are truly dog,s . Your day will come . We will wake up !

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